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v 0.2.0


Dreambond is an adult-oriented game where your goal is to explore new places and survive against Succubus, who is trying to drain your life energy.

v 0.4


In this game, which is a spoof of Genshin Impact, you take on the role of a memory-losing adventurer who becomes blind and ends himself in Mondstadt.

v 0.0.1

Pocket Waifu

When you wake up one night, you find a succubus. She calls herself Velvet and informs you that she has been observing you.

NSFW World ONLINE v0.1.8

This is a NSFW multiplayer online prototype 3d game that I’m currently working on.

v 0.1

Frankie’s FunClub!

Step inside the now-closed Frankie’s Funclub! Once a hub of excitement and laughter during children’s parties

v 0.24

Total Maidness

After his father passes away unexpectedly, the characters inherit his father’s substantial wealth and possessions

v 0.96

The Promise

You take on the role of a mid-forties man who has made many promises to his family.It’s now time to investigate further.

v 0.4.9


Take a captivating voyage through the enchanted world of Lirn, a mystifying floating island. As a compelling explorer

v 0.12.1

Home Together

Home Together is a real-time adult game with next-gen graphics​

v 1.2

Banana Training

Warning: The game is for ages +18, and has explicit adult content.

v Demo

Sexy Fun Tim Simulator

My very first 3D character is displayed in this demo. The player and the NPC are the two “clones”.

v 0.2.96

Monster Girl Hunt

Enter the realm of Monster Girl Hunt, where monsters prowl the woods and modesty is a word seldom spoken.

v 0.9.2

Growth Zone

Ever had the desire to pursue small people? or having a seductive giantess chase you?

v 0.1

Milky Tides

Our main character returns from a trip overseas to assist in the opening of a healing spa on a tropical island during a pandemic.

v 0.2.1

The Legend of The Hero of Edoriam

RPG Maker MV was used to create the NSFW pornographic content in this role-playing game with a high medieval fantasy theme.