Plant Girls: Insect Invasion is a strategic tower defense game revolving around two man-made creatures: the lustful Cyborg Insects and the beautiful Plant Girls. 

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the remaining population deals with the aftermath of a tragic societal collapse. With the world in chaos, the remaining scientists create Cyborg Insects to rebuild society.

But what would you do if your very own creation turned against you?

Will you let one failure stop you from something that will save the future?


Playing Plant Girls: Insect Invasion is easy. All you have to do is summon Plant Girls to prevent the Cyborgs Insects from attacking your base. 
Since it’s a strategic game, you have to ensure that you summon the right Plant Girl who is capable of defeating the incoming Cyborg Insect. 
Your objective is to defend your base and eliminate the Cyborg Insects while destroying their Hive. 
Your success in defending your base depends solely on your strategic skills.Can you protect your people and defeat all those insects?


Tower defense game

The objective of the game is to protect your base while attacking the enemy’s hive using strategic tower defense tactics.

Animated Scenes and Lewd Scenes

Plant Girls: Insect Invasion contains different animated scenes so that players can enjoy the game.

Difficulty System

Plant Girls: Insect Invasion has 20 levels hitherto. Players can upgrade their defense system at each level. The higher the level, the harder and stronger the enemies are. Upgrade your defense system to prevent enemy attacks on your base


Plant Girls: Insect Invasion contains different sprites and illustrations that perfectly suit every scene.


The game consists of various Plant Girls and Cyborg Insects. Each has a distinct power, weapon, and skill.



Rosalia is highly proficient in the art of sword fighting. She wields her sword and attacks the enemy to prevent them from getting close to the base.


Lucia is responsible for defending the whole unit. With the use of her flower shield, she obstructs the enemy from attacking the base and Humanoid Plants.


Flynn is an adept spear wielder and is a good option to deploy for close combat.


Alleria uses her custom-made arrows to shoot from a distance and prevent enemies from attacking.


Kaiah is a centaur-bred Humanoid Plant suited for close combat. She has high durability and lasts long in a battle.


Meruem wields a broadsword weapon that inflicts a lethal poison to the opponent upon impact.



IS-001 is a Cyborg Insect that uses its enhanced larvae body, mainly its head, to attack opponents with headbutts.


IS-002 is a Cyborg Insect with the body of a bee. It uses its enhanced tarsal claws to grip and thrust deeper into its opponent’s body.


IS-003 is an arthropod with a venomous poison sludge that it uses to defend itself against attacks.


IS-004 is a Cyborg Insect that has been enhanced with firefly DNA, allowing it to produce and launch fireballs as a method of attack.

IS- 005 

IS-005 is a Hornet-enhanced insect that produces Sparkballs, which it uses in attacks.

IS- 0010

IS-0010 has the ability to attack its opponent using its horns.

IS-  006

IS-006 uses its smashing abilities to attack its opponent.


  • 2dcg
  • Animated
  • Big Tits
  • Big Ass
  • Fantasy
  • Combat
  • Female Protagonist
  • Mobile Game
  • Monster Girl
  • Strategy
  • Vaginal Sex


Frequently Asked Questions

What is  Plant Girls: Insect Invasion?

Plant Girls: Insect Invasion is a strategic tower defense game revolving around two man-made creatures: the lustful Cyborg Insects and the beautiful Plant Girls.

Who developed Plant Girls: Insect Invasion?

Plant Girls: Insect Invasion is created by Hotaru Pixie Games.  

Hotaru Pixie is an e-girl game dev wannabe.  Plant Girls: Insect Invasion is her first attempt at making a commercial game.

Will they add more Plant Girls in the game?

As the game is still in its early development, the game dev intends to add more game features and game content, including Plant Girls.

When is the next update?

There is no specific time as to when the next update will be, but Hotaru Pixie Games will inform the players of the update on its social media accounts.

I can’t get past my current level. What should I do?

If you can’t get past your current level, try other tactics. Remember: your goal is to protect your base with the help of the Plant Girls.

When was the initial release of Plant Girls?

Plant Girls: Insect Invasion was released on January 15, 2024.

Where can I report bugs?

You can report bugs in the Itch’s game comment section just below the Development Log.


I’m HotaruPixie.

You can think of me as an e-girl game dev wannabe LOL.

Anyway, I really have a passion for making art, animation, and programming small horny games.

My first attempt at a commercial game project is titled “Plant Girls: Insect Invasion.”

I want to support myself here, so I hope you can support me too!

Thank youuuuuu!!

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is a strategic tower defense game revolving around two man-made creatures: the lustful Cyborg Insects and the beautiful Plant Girls.


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  1. ermchat Avatar

    i love this game and i love whoever made it

  2. Notblank8 Avatar

    Really good demo! Love the gameplay

  3. Bryd-tempest Avatar

    Y’all weird asf

  4. TrunkGorilla Avatar

    Cleared most of it only seem to be unable to get 1 animation.
    from the Game over scenes in the gallery the first 3 do not seem to work.

  5. Milkymeat Avatar

    Really fun game with nice animations can’t wait for more^^