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v 0.1

Aiko’s Special Exam

A strip minigame. If you pass a simple puzzle series, win the gift from Aiko.

v 0.7.5

Mental Blast Negative Power

Explore one of the biggest transport spaceships “Gramonoth” which was invaded by a mysterious race called “demonorphs”.

v 3.0

Folk Moan

In a strange arctic village, you awaken. Returning to the city means assisting in the investigation of a girl who has vanished inexplicably

v 1.8.9

Echoes of the town

Akemi is returning to her hometown at last, having spent years studying elsewhere.

v 0.6.28


You are playing the role of “Bobby”, living with M.s Anna(You can choose her relationship with you), and her 3 daughters.

v 1.9.3

Vore Town

In the RPG Maker MZ game Vore Town, you take control of Luna, the main character, and wander around… Before Town!

Aphrodisiac 2

Aphrodisiac 2 is a mature 2D metroidvania that takes place in the ancient wild Aphrodisiac Den.

The BloodRiver Saga: Retransmitter

It is common knowledge that Izuku Midoriya is a quintessential “true hero,” willing to go above and beyond to ensure the safety and tranquility of others.

v 1.3.3

Cattle Castle 2

A whole new story, Cattle Castle 2 introduces a fresh new protagonist, Milly. Milly, in contrast to Bess, is a natural leader and formidable warrior.

Space Rescue: Code Pink

As Keen, a teenage mechanic who recently got his first job on a “rescue and relax” ship, you take on the role of Keen. Keen’s job is easy: fix things when they break.

v 0.3.5

Final Orginity

Amy’s internal state is shifting. She senses it in her core. Her town’s men no longer give her the same looks.


In the sci-fi role-playing game VoidBound, you take on the role of Caly, an unexpected hero sent on a mission to save Earth

v 0.1


The goal of MONWAIFUS is to create a game with lovable, collectible characters that may be taken prisoner and used in combat

樂園Paradise(demo version)

Paradise is a visual novel game that focuses on exploration. You come across three girls behind bars in a closed facility.

v 0.1

Hinata – Naruto

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