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You were once a struggling but skilled photographer, and now you’ve been hired by Snapfap, the hottest modeling agency in the world, to coordinate photoshoots!


You are SPHERRAI, a sentient robot tasked to do research on dinosaurs. But is that all you’ll do?

v 0.1

Aiko’s Special Exam

A strip minigame. If you pass a simple puzzle series, win the gift from Aiko.

The Awakened

Amaruq has just woken up in the hospital with his head bandaged, and is about to see the world in a whole new way.

Sex Adventures – Vampire Express Train

Mystic River has finally been reached by the Vampire Express Train, and little Miss Shirley made sure she was on board as it departed the station.

Futanari Sex – Locker Room Affair

Futanari Sex- Locker Room Affair is a sensual graphic novel that follows two stunning cheerleaders following a practice day.

Daddy’s Girl

In the visual novel game Daddy’s Girl, the protagonist is a man and his daughter. When things go south, the father seeks to take charge of his daughter’s life.

v 0.1

Peony’s Dream

A picture pack that contains 26 versions of R34 Lewds of Peony from FEH + The PSD file to edit.

All’s Fair in Au Pair

The visual novel All’s Fair in Au Pair (AFAP) has two different endings. The protagonist of the tale is a man who gets back in touch with his previous au pair (babysitter/nanny).

Mona Adventures

Enjoy the many adventures and experiences that Mona has while she battles mind control exerted by different people in a community with dark secrets.


Are you up for a unique adventure? Explore the world of a young man who has discovered an unusual career path at a specific rental boyfriend service.

Crown of Desire

A princess is determined to reclaim the crown that a cunning usurper took from her in a country that has been submerged in an unending night.

Assassin’s Seed

The lords have been terrorized by assassins for some time now. The crusader guards were incredulous at their good fortune that evening.

v 0.1

Mini Tiddy – Vera Hypno

Play this minigame to have some quick fuck fun with Vera!

Dominant Witches 2

Once more, we take on the role of Magic Academy students sent on an internship with the vengeful drow witch Mellis. The narrative occurs within the same cosmos as DW1.