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Daddy’s Girl

In the visual novel game Daddy’s Girl, the protagonist is a man and his daughter. When things go south, the father seeks to take charge of his daughter’s life.

Suite 69

The world is on fire
Can you offer a place of respite to those who need you most?

v 0.1


The goal of MONWAIFUS is to create a game with lovable, collectible characters that may be taken prisoner and used in combat

v 0.1

Maid’s Duty

Firefox browser might be wonky. Yes, I’m aware there might be some issues on certain systems but I have no clue why.

Harvest Girls: Garden Assault

In the unusual management defense game Harvest Girls, you take control of a “farmer” girl who plants enigmatic


The once-proud kingdom of Aincrad was devastated by an enigmatic epidemic.


After a tiring day at work, you decide to take a shortcut home, and that’s where you run into an odd chick.

v Episode 5.3

My New Second Chance

The “MC,” who has spent his entire life working to survive, is the character you play as.

v 0.14

Tentacle Cave Blackout

You’ve finally had some downtime, but the light went out right then, and now you have to set out on an adventure to bring it back.

Cutie Bunbun in Booty Quest

After being kidnapped when he was quite young, our main character returns 18 years later to meet up with some of his former companions.

Spirit Harem

Spirit Harem is a sensual and calming graphic novel! Take in a lighthearted tale about repairing the world through developing a bond with spirit girls.

v 0.1

Tori’s Temptations

In this game you can breed your favorite characters.

v Demo

Hentai Maid Aruha [Demo] [+18]

Maid Aruha is here for you..She will take care of you. Just lay down and relax.. if you’re looking to relax and learn a bit of anatomy then you’ve come to the right place.

Dragon H DesiresĀ 

A romantic comedy with elements of a visual novel and dating sim is called Dragon H Desires.

v 1.0

Haunted HavenĀ 

Haunted Haven is a strategic role-playing game that chronicles the exploits of Marcella, Luna, Isla, and Celeste as they set out on a treacherous expedition on a cursed island.