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SlutCraft: Heat of the sperm

Warning: The game is for ages +18, and has adult content.

Novel for Adult A Wife in Venice

The story is set in present-day Venice and revolves around Nicole, a beautiful woman married to one of the richest men in the world, Liam Lussi.

v Chapter 4

Measuring My Cum

A young man, Jacob, is living with his strict landlady, Marge, when he realizes he might have an issue with his private parts.

Give or Take

Give or Take is a visual novel that explores this question. Will you be dominant or submissive in your relationships?

v 0.4.1

Kibō: Slow Fall

The Kibō project will hopefully be a serie of several arcs. It’s an RPG with NSFW content made with RPGM

New Antioch

New Antioch is an adult visual novel set in a post-apocalyptic world, millennia after an ancient, civilization-ending conflict.

Loi the Lover

Explore the treacherous roads, picking up tools to travel farther and farther, and meeting odd, new foes that are only searching for fun.

The Grey Dream

Following your graduation from university and a string of part-time employment, you received an offer from an international trading corporation for a halfway-decent position.

Bad Bobby Saga

You are playing the role of “Bobby”, living with M.s Anna(You can choose her relationship with you), and her 3 daughters.


You take the role of a young woman who handcuffs and ball-gags herself – and then walks the city. Will she find a Master/Mistress or just troubles? Well… I’d say both!

Synthetic Lover

Use caution when making wishes. A young man utilizes an enchanted book that he finds and that gives him new life-changing abilities

v Season 1

My Ex-Future Family

A 23-year-old man’s early existence is the main subject of the choice-driven adult visual novel My Ex-Future Family.

Isekai Awakening

In this point-and-click adventure game with pixel visuals, you can date gorgeous girls while exploring a medieval fantasy setting.

Absurd Temptation

Everything in this magical world is altered by a strange dream.

Mommy Sensei: Horny Homework

It’s not easy being the stinky kid even the teachers are making you feel bad about yourself!