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Mad World

Meet the underworld of magic in this fantasy, adult-oriented visual novel.

Her Secret E02

NSFW Lewd Adult Sex Fun Game

v 0.13.1

COED Conquest

Adult Dating Sim

v 0.3.0

Deluded (18+)

Unreal Engine Adult RPG Survival with a fascinating storyline…

v 1.0.8


In the pornographic science-fantasy text role-playing game MERCANOID, an android girl with a sarcastic outlook battles

SlutCraft: Heat of the sperm

Warning: The game is for ages +18, and has adult content.

Lyndaria: Lust Adventure

Lyndaria is a non-linear erotic visual novel set on a lost island inhabited by Furry tribes.

v 0.4.1

Kibō: Slow Fall

The Kibō project will hopefully be a serie of several arcs. It’s an RPG with NSFW content made with RPGM

NTR’d By Clumsiness

NTR’d By Clumsiness is an NTR kinetic novel full of comedy and accidental infidelity! As Chris welcomes his late friend’s clumsy son in his house

v 0.7.5

Mental Blast Negative Power

Explore one of the biggest transport spaceships “Gramonoth” which was invaded by a mysterious race called “demonorphs”.

Contagion Crisis v.2.2

In the year 2018, a disease breaks loose in Grimhaven, Washington, transforming everything it comes into contact with into lust-driven monsters.

Loi the Lover

Explore the treacherous roads, picking up tools to travel farther and farther, and meeting odd, new foes that are only searching for fun.

Rebellion: Rise of The Damned

Rebellion: Rise of The Damned is a narrative-driven visual novel in which the player goes back to ancient Rome and becomes friends with all of the prominent rebel figures

Usagi Health Club

Tanaka Ryuu was an accountant at a company and was your average salaryman.

Project WAND: Festival Of Futas

In witchcraft, the big Festival of Futas has arrived. As the wealthy “Wandkin” Savaasa, you compete in the Festival challenge with the goal of winning