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Rebellion: Rise of The Damned

Rebellion: Rise of The Damned is a narrative-driven visual novel in which the player goes back to ancient Rome and becomes friends with all of the prominent rebel figures

v 0.1

Cumshot Roulette

You meet the eager succubus Preada in a dim alleyway after selling your soul for an ice cream. She is out to collect her debt.

Usagi Health Club

Tanaka Ryuu was an accountant at a company and was your average salaryman.

Bad Bobby Saga

You are playing the role of “Bobby”, living with M.s Anna(You can choose her relationship with you), and her 3 daughters.


The Spellbook

Use caution when making wishes. A young man utilizes an enchanted book that he finds and that gives him new life-changing abilities

v Season 1

My Ex-Future Family

A 23-year-old man’s early existence is the main subject of the choice-driven adult visual novel My Ex-Future Family.

Corrupting My Girlfriend in Another World

As you and your girlfriend look into a rumor that’s going about Sirua, you find yourself in a parallel universe.

v 0.3.5

Final Orginity

Amy’s internal state is shifting. She senses it in her core. Her town’s men no longer give her the same looks.

v 0.22.0

Turning the Page

Things are going great for Riverside College teachers Felix and Sophie Page.

Life Gets Better

It’s you, Jack Wilson. a straightforward worker who hasn’t accomplished anything in his life. Your boss extends an invitation to a cookout at his vacation house one day.

v 0.13.6

Business of Loving

A graphic novel about love, lust, and getting down to business, Business of Loving is NSFW.

v 0.8.33

Secret Care Cafe

Every day seemed like nothing was changing. Go into your cubicle, put in numbers to the sheets, prepare presentations, and hope for a bonus every quarter.

Blurring the Walls

Reivak, a seaside city, welcomes you and your daring lover Ayumi, who are eager for a much-needed vacation.

Gomamon TrainerĀ 

In the unfinished visual novel Digimon smut game Gomamon Trainer, you’re confined to an odd virtual environment alongside a charming male Gomamon.

Rick and Morty – A way back home

Rick and Morty A Way Back Home isa game phenomenon inspired by the beloved animated series.