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Book of Lust

You play as a guy who accidentally releases a succubus (with a bit of a catch).

v 0.1

On the Couch

NTR flash game.

A debt paid

Erotic Visual Novel – Early developement

The Galactic Harem Handbook: Chapter 2

Unleash your desires, conquer civilizations, and build an empire.

Fate Won’t Separate Us (A Netorare NTR/Cheating game)

Fate Won’t Separate Us (A Netorare NTR/Cheating game) OVERVIEW You are Jeremiah, and you and Freya have a lovely relationship. Before you met this strange old man, your miserable life was about to get better. Your dick got smaller because of this crazy old motherfucker, who wants you to finish…

One Week Heroine

NSFW Spy Trainer Game

Adam and Eve Inc

Adam and Eve Inc ABOUT THE GAME This narrative centers on an enigmatic household. a strong and powerful “family” They have members all throughout the world. The primary characters will discover who they are and the reasons behind their emotions. HOW TO PLAY (Keyboard) Use Enter to advance dialogue and…


Jump until you reach the rooftop of the building and participate in the party

v 0.08.1

Nemesis Party: NTR, or NOT

Compete against your nemesis in this social simulator


Misanthropy OVERVIEW Kim Baxter is a devoted mother and wife. Her police career is going well, and a promotion seems to be just around the corner. Thus, everything about Mrs. Baxter’s life seems ideal. That is, until one day, when a young man by the name of Hayden—a son of…

LeMOMnade: Summer Vacation!

Use psychic powers to submit all the milfs of the neighborhood into becoming your lovers.

Family Faring 

Family Faring  OVERVIEW Now that you’re a father of two and have been given permission to see your girls once more, it’s your mission to demonstrate your paternity. You will have to make your way between good and evil, innocent and corrupt, as the relationship between you and the girls…


Is your wife cheating on you ?

Family Legacy

After unleashing an unknown power, the player must go on a mission to train his body to become stronger