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v 0.45

Light-Space Love

Light-Space Love is a lewd dialogue-driven Sci-Fi space adventure that loves its Sci-Fi roots and embraces an optimistic view of the future.

v 0.7.5

Mental Blast Negative Power

Explore one of the biggest transport spaceships “Gramonoth” which was invaded by a mysterious race called “demonorphs”.

v 1.8.9

Echoes of the town

Akemi is returning to her hometown at last, having spent years studying elsewhere.

Aphrodisiac 2

Aphrodisiac 2 is a mature 2D metroidvania that takes place in the ancient wild Aphrodisiac Den.


In the sci-fi role-playing game VoidBound, you take on the role of Caly, an unexpected hero sent on a mission to save Earth

v 1.0

Cummy Friends

Assume the role of the real Foster’s Home and set off on a corrupting quest using any means required!

v 0.58.1

Ruin Me

“I want you to ruin me,” said your enigmatic boss in the intriguing village of Barrowport.

v 1.10

Cursed Overlord [NSFW]

Cursed Overlord is a distinctive and immersive gaming experience in which you must fight a devouring curse

v 0.14

Tentacle Cave Blackout

You’ve finally had some downtime, but the light went out right then, and now you have to set out on an adventure to bring it back.

Echoes – Cards of Destiny

In the ethereal world of Eldoria, where the distinction between fact and fiction is hazy, you awaken in a strange hotel with a shadowy past.

Entwined Verdancy

Entwined Verdaancy is a highly experimental text adventure game driven by AI.

v 0.2.96

Monster Girl Hunt

Enter the realm of Monster Girl Hunt, where monsters prowl the woods and modesty is a word seldom spoken.



Vampire science fiction anthology collection featuring bizarre world adventures

v 1.1


This game is about war and enslavement in a time when there are no rules of engagement.

Magical Monstergirls Academy

Bright fantasy role-playing game Magical Monstergirls Academy is the follow-up to Magical Waifus Academy.