Slick’s Blue Ribbon Battle


Get a bunch of the best cows in town and shoot for the blue ribbon!

assemble a team of the best cows in the region and wow the judges to win the competition! Get a competitive edge and momentarily enhance your abilities by using milk!

Win stars by outlasting the rival squad. After that, you can use these stars to improve your units and locate new allies! The higher a cow’s level, the more she can enhance her abilities during each challenge. There’s a very important guest to welcome along with seven cows to gather.

Equip Ribbons to customize each cow’s skills and create the perfect breeding milky machine! (Feature not complete)

During the contest, each cow will roll their abilities and award points based on the roll:
Charm – Awards 1 Charm towards the judging, Warn enough Charm to win the contest!
Milk – Awards 1 Milk, use Milk to upgrade your cows during the Contest
Distract – Awards 1 Distract. Reduce the opposing teams Charm score by 1 this round.
Cheer – Awards all charm another time for the round.

Some abilities may be upgraded into special abilities:
Talent – Get Milk for successfully gaining Charm
Allure – Cannot be blocked by Distract
Seduce- Awards Charm if other team is over Distracted
Moo – Charm and Cheer!
Taunt – Charm and Distract!
Scent – Distract and gain Milk
Necter – Distract and gain Allure


  • Adult
  • Fetish
  • NSFW
  • Pixel Art
  • Pregnant


Hiya! I’m SlickPens and I’m dabbling in game content for my Patreon users. Eventually I’ll release them to the public, but as this is super new to me it’s under wraps!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Slick’s Blue Ribbon Battle?

Slick’s Blue Ribbon Battle is an adult game developed by SlickPens.

Who developed the Slick’s Blue Ribbon Battle?

Slick’s Blue Ribbon Battle was developed by SlickPens.

When was the initial release of the Slick’s Blue Ribbon Battle?

Slick’s Blue Ribbon Battle was released on 05/23/2024.

Where can I report bugs?

Bugs can be reported on the itch comment sections.

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  1. Tyrgalon Avatar

    Looks interesting but neither this game or your previous cow clicker game starts for me for some reason