Super Lesbian Animal RPG

Super Lesbian Animal RPG is a turn-based RPG made in RPG Maker VX Ace.


The game Super Lesbian Animal RPG revolves around love, fear, and taking on odd-looking monsters in dungeons. It tells the tales of Melody, Allison, her girlfriend, and their pals Jodie, a trustworthy knight, and Claire, a caustic, rule-bending witch. Throughout their adventure, our unskilled heroes will tamper with uncontrollable forces and discover that they hold the key to their hometown’s destruction. Along the way, they’ll battle some spherical frogs, see a lost kingdom in space, make a few robot friends, and annoy the neighborhood librarian. However, that should be obvious.


You’ll fight foes, explore towns and dungeons, and progressively gain strength. You’ll come across an amazing group of anthropomorphic animal characters throughout the route. Additionally, “a bunch of superfluous optional dialogue” is promised by creator Bobby Schroeder for you to discover.


Melody Amaranth
is a transsexual fox who lives in the woods close to Greenridge. She is sweet yet timid.

Allison Goleta
is a bold bunny with remarkable strength and agility. She adores her partner Melody, punk rock, and her voice. She might or might not have played in a band in the past.

Claire Higsby
is a learned trans cow who knows a lot about witchcraft. She is the guild commander as well as a notorious wild card who never gives up on her big aspirations. Claire has little experience, but she makes up for it with unwavering passion her greatest dream in life is to become a well-known witch. She is attempting to establish herself as a decent friend despite her sardonic demeanor and her persistently careless actions. Sadly, creating a perilous, monster-filled dungeon to assess her friends’ abilities might not be helpful.

Jodie Caldwell
is a trustworthy tiger and aspiring knight who uses her abilities to protect her allies from harm both during and after the battle. Jodie is the group’s unofficial mom friend because she is hard to upset and is always there to encourage the people she cares about. Melody, Allison, and Claire wouldn’t choose to rely on any other buddy when they are in need, whether it be for a personal issue or a battle with supernatural creatures. But Jodie has a lot of blind spots, and she may be running into problems of her own.


Turn-based RPG

An RPG with turn-based gameplay that is influenced by classics yet has a contemporary aesthetic.

More to explore

Discover the Sapphire Islands, interact with their vibrant residents, engage in side missions that tell stories, and unearth both great and tiny secrets

Customized Spellbooks

Use spellbooks to teach your guests a variety of new skills and freely personalize your celebration!


Tons of superfluous optional flavor dialogue


Enjoy a killer original soundtrack by composer Beatrix Quinn with over 80 tracks.

Easy Mode

If players are more interested in the story than the fighting, there is an easy option they can activate whenever they like.


Hello, my name is Bobby Schroeder (she/her), a thirty-year-old Florida-based artist and the creator of Super Lesbian Animal RPG. I talk a lot about cartoons and share my other artwork here.


  • 2d game
  • 2dcg
  • Ahegao
  • Anal Sex
  • Corruption
  • Female Protagonist
  • Futa/Trans
  • Group Sex
  • Handjob
  • Lesbian
  • Multiple Penetration
  • Oral Sex
  • Paranormal
  • Pregnancy
  • Prostitution
  • RPG
  • Spanking
  • Vaginal Sex


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Super Lesbian Animal RPG?

Super Lesbian Animal RPG is a short turn-based RPG made in RPG Maker VX Ace.

Who developed the Super Lesbian Animal RPG?

Super Lesbian Animal RPG was developed by Bobby Schroeder.

When is the next update?

Stay tuned for the next update. Bobby Schroeder will share details via its social media platforms.

Will the game ever be ported to consoles?

The engine only officially supports PC, so the game would likely need to be remade from scratch for consoles.

Where can I report bugs?

You can report the bugs by posting a comment on the Patreon or Itch comment sections.

How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit Bobby Schroeder’s Patreon site:

Is the game playable on Mac or Linux?

Yes! But it requires Wine to run because RPG Maker VX Ace does not officially support non-Windows platforms. There are guides to help you get games made in this engine running in your platform of choice on the web, such as this one for Mac OS X.

Is Melody the only one you can directly control when exploring?

The party’s composition is dictated by the story. You’ll be playing as Melody most of the time. But not all the time.

Okay, you’ve got heroes. What about villains?

You’ll have to wait for the final game to learn about them.

How mature is the content?

The game has a few mildly suggestive jokes about making out, minimal swearing, a couple of references to alcohol, and very tame cartoon violence. It has no nudity, and the content is generally PG, although it’s written with an adult audience in mind.

How hard is the game going to be?

The game is not difficult by any means, but it’s difficult enough to require a bit of thought on the player’s part. The game also has an easy mode for those who just want to get through the fights with less trouble and focus on the story.

Will the game be colorblind-friendly?

The game has nothing that requires you to differentiate hues, so you should be fine.

Will the game be translated into any languages besides English?

I cannot currently say any translations are planned, but it could be possible in the future.

How and when will this game be released? How much will it cost?

The game will be done when it’s done. I won’t get more specific than that until the end is in sight. Your patience is appreciated, I’m currently planning to release it on for around $10.

Are you planning on releasing it through Steam?

It’s certainly possible, but I’m not currently planning on it due to the extreme unmoderated hostility in the Steam community, which would be a problem for a small game about LGBT characters made by LGBT people like this. Steam also takes a bigger cut of profits than does.

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