Carnal Instinct

Carnal Instinct is an Open-World Adult Action RPG with an emphasis on AAA quality visuals and compelling erotic interaction.

You enter the world of Sabu as a slave who will forge your own destiny and shape the world itself in this realm of ancient gods, mythical creatures, and boundless lust.


Your adventure starts in a world of old mythology, where the sand-filled ruins of Sabu meet the life-giving waters of the Euphoris River. Though she hasn’t been seen in a millennium, whispers about the God-Queen Kethra’s whereabouts are whispered among the quiet towns that line the banks of the once-powerful river. After losing its heavenly empress, Sabu is now ruled by eight demigods, strong individuals who were originally Kethra’s protectors. Unchecked, these immortals now aspire to become warlords and cover Sabu in the blood of the innocent in their conquests.


In Carnal Instinct, you are free to roam the world as you please. You can either follow the main quest line that slowly leads you through the world at its own pace, or if you feel adventurous, you can simply go your own way and discover side quests and NPCs looking for a good time off the beaten path.

The starting area, which is the only area currently available in the game, is very large in size and open for you to explore. Within this world, you will find chests to open that reward you with general items, cosmetics, and Futanari cocks. The player is almost always encouraged to explore, and the more the world expands over time as the development progresses, the more reason you will have to explore it.

If it has not become completely clear just yet, Carnal Instinct’s adult content is centered around Furry and Futanari characters. While there are characters with a human body, their head still remains some sort of animal. This is tied to the game’s story and explains to the player why the world is the way it is, and once you learn it, not only will it explain the lustful nature of the world and all its people, but even the enemy designs start to make a lot of sense.


P key to save the game.
O key to Load
I for Inventory 
E key to Interact or Skip the Dialog-
M key for Map 
W & S key to Go up/down dialog
TAB for Target Enemy  
Space to Jump 
Caps Lock to Walk or Toggle
Shift to Sprint
Left Click to Attack the enemies
Right Click to Block
Alt Click to Lunge Attack
Left Click While Sprinting for Heavy Attack
Mouse Wheel Up/Down to Change your Weapon



Though there is much to work on here, Carnal Instinct’s combat has the potential to become something worthwhile and addictingly fun if given time. The player is given three basic attacks: light, heavy, and thrust. On top of this, the player can dodge enemy attacks and even block them with their sword or shield. A stamina bar prevents any spamming and easy exploits of the combat system, which gives the combat some depth even when fighting against some basic low-tier enemies.

Adult Scenes

Carnal Instinct is an adult game in heart, and as such, there is plenty of boobies hanging around and lustful events for the player to experience in every corner of the world. Some erotic events happen without having to lift a finger, others demand the player to go on a quest, and then there are those that require the right tools at hand before access. On top of this, no sex scene is similar to another, and thanks to this, it always keeps the player on their toes in great anticipation of what might happen next.


Customise everything from your skin tone and outfit to your animal aspect and genitalia.

3D sex acts

 Whatever takes your fancy, from vanilla to kinky, a plethora of tastes are catered for. All scenes feature highly detailed 3D animations, sounds, voice acting, and particles to bring you right into the action.

Multiple NPC

Some NPCs are interested in sex with strangers, others may require you to undertake quests or even topple warlords before they’re open to your advances.

Immersive open-world RPG

Not just a “porn game,” Carnal Instinct features a vast and beautiful hand-crafted open world that is teeming with stories to unravel and secrets to uncover. The game features everything you’d expect in an RPG, with quests, dialogue, inventory management, trade, and more.

  • Difficulty
    To adjust the gaming experience to the player’s skill level, the game offers a variety of difficulty settings. The player’s damage reduction from all enemy assaults is affected by the setting but not by environmental threats.
  • Sex
    The scenes are made interactive using pleasure meters and other controls to influence the progression, as opposed to fixed cut-scenes that loop.
  • Locations
    Player Camp
    The player camp is a campsite near the Sanctuary Ruins fast travel point. It houses a few Merchants and has facilities for Alchemy and Crafting.

The quests are divided into two categories: Side Quests, which delve into various facets of Sabu’s life and the universe of Carnal Instinct, and Main Quests, which propel the plot.

Upcoming Features

Constant expansion of playable content.

More quests.

More sex scenes.

More playable races

More clothing

More customization options

Expanded world.

More Dynamic sexual interaction.

Pushing our sex scenes to the next level, we’re currently developing an overhauled “Dynamic Sex System 2.0” to give more fluid and interactive control over every thrust and squeeze.

Photo studio mode.

Pose, light, and show off your unique character with this mode. Be they standing heroically alone or caught in the act of conquest, it’s up to you.

Stealth upgrades.

What’s the point in climbing down a cliff into an enemy camp if you can’t restrain or dispatch them silently? We’ve got a wealth of sneaky surprises yet to come.

Exotic races & sex scenes.

Currently only ingame as NPCs, we’re bringing Centaurs, Nagas, and all manner of exotic forms out to play. Constrict as Naga, soar as a Drake, or thunder across the sands as a Centaur.

Environmental hazards.

Sabu can be a dangerous place, many forgotten things lurk in the tombs beneath the sands. Things that lust for the warm flesh of the surface dwellers.


  • 3d game
  • 3dcg
  • adventure
  • animated
  • big ass
  • big tits
  • character creation
  • combat
  • creampie
  • exhibitionism
  • fantasy
  • female protagonist
  • Furry
  • futa/trans
  • gay
  • graphic violence
  • group sex
  • handjob
  • internal view
  • interracial
  • lesbian
  • male protagonist
  • masturbation
  • monster girl
  • multiple protagonist
  • oral sex
  • pregnancy
  • prostitution
  • religion
  • sandbox
  • tentacles
  • transformation
  • vaginal sex
  • sex voiced


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Carnal Instinct?

Carnal Instinct is an open-world adult action RPG with an emphasis on AAA-quality visuals and compelling erotic interaction. You enter the world of Sabu as a slave, but you will forge your own destiny and shape the world itself in this realm of ancient gods, mythical creatures, and boundless lust.

Who developed the Carnal Instinct?

Carnal Instinct was developed by Team Carnal Instinct.

When is the next update?

  The timing of the next update is not specified, but Team Carnal Instinct will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Carnal Instinct?

Carnal Instinct was released on 2023-12-20

 Where can I report bugs?

 You can also post a comment on the Patreon or itch comment sections.

 How can I become a patron?

 Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit Team Carnal Instinct’s Patreon site:

How do I get cosmetic items for my character?

You can find cosmetics around the world, in chests, Jars, completing quests, via dialog options, and in Vendors.

How do I save and load the game?

 You can Save and Load the game via the Main Menu, Additionally, you can quickly save and load with P for save and Load for O.

Can I change the default keybinds?

You can change most keybinds in the Main Menu.

What are the default bindings in Dialog?

W & S move the dialog choices up and down, E to Skip or to Select a Choice.

 How does Character customization work?

How your Character looks is entirely based upon what you equip, your base body, and the cosmetics. You can currently swap out the head, head cosmetics, body, body cosmetics, and whether or not you have a cock attached and which cock. Cosmetics for the body and head can entirely change the outfit, skin, and colors; additional customization will continue to be added to the game.

I’ve just updated to the latest build, but can’t complete a new quest, XXX is missin

 During this early stage of development, we will regularly have to update the SaveGame Objects and Interactables which may require you to start a new game save file. We will include this information in the update post, but if you are having difficulty completing a quest or finding an item, you may need to create a new save.

What engine does carnal instinct use?

We use Unreal Engine 4 for Carnal Instinct.

What is the difference between UE4 and UE5?

The main difference between them is UE 5 can handle up to 10 billion polygons, while UE 4 can only handle a few million.

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