Crossdressing in Camelot

Crossdressing in Camelot is an adventure game that has an RPG and transformation elements.


You take on the role of a young man who aspires to be an adventurer but finds himself fulfilling his dream in a rather unusual way. The fundamental tenet of the transformation mechanic in this game is that the player gets stronger the more they change. If you want to play the game with as few modifications as possible, the difficulty will be designed to attempt and compel you to become somewhat more feminine. Though the game tends to trend more toward submissive roles, there is diversity in the material, and the player isn’t necessarily compelled to play them.


Various versions will be included in the download folder according to your operating system. You can download the Itch App Download version directly if you’re using the app on Windows. Choose “game.exe” over “notification_helper.exe” to launch this version. However, if you truly want to download it using the app, that option is accessible. Make sure you download and apply the most recent patch along with the game when you download it from the huge folder. It is possible to obtain the patch and apply it to the version that was downloaded via the application. But compared to simply accessing the download folder.

Make sure you download the most recent game patch in addition to the new base version if you are downloading a new release and already have an existing version of the game. For instance, to update from version 0.11 to version 0.12, download and install game version 0.12 together with patch 0.12.9, then transfer your save folder to the updated version of the game.


Loop accepts guild assignments and sets out to complete them. You might have to deal with a bothersome Alraune bothering a very attractive Holstaur you happen to know, or you might have to go defeat a Lizardman and steal something from him to prove you’ve defeated him. Subsequently, it develops into fully functional dungeons, replete with a plethora of foes and events. An enemy will always treat you brutally lewdly if you lose. Since you cannot do nasty things to every enemy after you win, the game obviously leans more toward submissive content. However, as the game progresses, many foes have both triumph and failure scenarios.


Hershel Goodman
The neighborhood bar/inn’s bartender. You can get a free room from him, provided you do some work for him. similar to dishwashing.

A holstaur who farms close to Elmgar. incredibly grateful for all the assistance the player gives her, as monsters repeatedly threaten her farm.

Is a feisty tomboy explorer that the player runs into both inside and outside of dungeons. She’s used to being the one on top in bed, but if you try hard, you might just be able to flip things on her. or, the dealer decided, turn became her plaything.

A mature magical shopkeeper who helps you gain power as a sorceress. Since magical ability is linked to one’s sense of femininity, she suggests teaching you how to enjoy being a woman.


A Lizardman who likes big asses and isn’t hesitant to modify your body to fit his requirements. He can always get by with your other hole till you have a real one.

An elf village, where every elf is completely attuned to nature. In a way that involves revealing little and not feeling humiliated to engage in public sex.

A very thirsty Alraune who is desperate for some Holstaur milk, preferably drawn straight from the source. She doesn’t seem to believe you when you say you can’t produce milk.

An impertinently aroused virgin who would do anything to be rid of her virginity with you. (The emphasis is on the word “little,” so you won’t be the one piercing because she’s

There are some less lustful, less virgin imps out to get you so they may use you as breeding material. However, you don’t think that will work because you don’t have the necessary parts.

Slime enemy generic #2950. If you lose, they will repeatedly cling to your body and suck your vulnerable spots; but, if you win, you can make use of their suction.

Some Orc milfs want to playfully play with your body, but if you can vanquish them, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy playing with theirs.

A towering futanari Orc, with a similarly sizable penis to match.

A powerfully hypnotized Lamia who will rub your “clit” forcefully while assisting you in realizing that you are a girl.

A shape-shifting Incubus that wants to show you its “pleasure pit” and can be either masculine or feminine depending on your preferences.

A condescending woman who wishes to indoctrinate you into becoming her pet. She belongs to the infamous “Bimbo Bondage Babes,” a sinister and enigmatic cult, and… What’s making you laugh? This is a highly serious company!

Should you fall short against her, you will be her enslaved mind for all eternity. Oh wait, no, this place states that it wears off after just one week. Oh. Well, at least you could brainwash her if you prevailed, right?

A follower of the cult mentioned above who punishes you. If someone is interested in playing with you, you can be offered to be imprisoned in a box with only your head and torso exposed. Alternatively, you may be confined to a tiny niche until someone visits and replenishes your sperm supply. No, there isn’t much logic to the penalties. This guy is just horny.

Desire magic is the specialty of this witch. She makes you so horny that you lose all will to fight, and then she roughhouses you. Or maybe her magic just makes you stronger and more victorious, and she’s such a handy way to let all that want out.


  • 2d game
  • 2dcg
  • 3dcg
  • anal sex
  • big tits
  • corruption
  • creampie
  • fantasy
  • female domination
  • futa/trans
  • gay
  • lactation
  • male domination
  • male protagonist
  • masturbation
  • monster girl
  • oral sex
  • sex toys
  • sissification
  • spanking
  • teasing
  • text-based
  • transformation
  • trap
  • vaginal sex


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Crossdressing in Camelot?

Crossdressing in Camelot is a lewd game focusing on crossdressing and feminizing transformations.

Who developed the Crossdressing in Camelot?

Crossdressing in Camelot was developed by Stickyicky.

When was the initial release of the Crossdressing in Camelot?

 Crossdressing in Camelot was released on 2023-10-11.

How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit Stickyicky’s Patreon site:

Where do I find items for the toy slot?

There are only two items in it, both butt plugs. I’d planned to add more items to the slot, but I kind of lost interest in it. One can be gained from the Elven Village by experiencing the gangbang scene, and the other is gained from the third date scene with a dominant Katie.

Can I play this on Android?

You should be able to play the game on Android through the JOIPlay app. It might work with the Windows version, but otherwise, I would try the web version. The game isn’t designed with Android in mind, so there still may be some issues.

Did this game used to be a text-based adventure game?

Several years ago, yes. It’s still primarily text-based but is now in RPG Maker MV, so you can move around the dungeons more freely, and there has been a decent amount of artwork added as well.

How many days or months does an update come out? Or is there no specific timeframe?

In theory, updates come out once a month. But I typically prefer to delay things rather than rush an update to get it out, so it’s often a bit (or a lot) more than a month. The public update always comes out a month after it’s available for Patrons on the TfGamesSite page, but I often wait until the next private version is out to update on other sites, as by then, there will often be bug reports for the public, version I can fix before updating it on here. This time, the private version was delayed considerably but is finally almost finished, so this page will be updated shortly.

What is the code to the door in dungeon 5? Can you please tell me?

The code isn’t fully implemented yet because there’s nothing past it at the moment. You’ve reached the end of the content in the fifth dungeon. (You’ll be able to complete the code in the green section next update.)

Is there any way to reverse the breast growth from the goblin mission?

Yes, if you complete the material gathering mission, you unlock body transformation potions from Beatrice, which include potions to shrink breasts.

How do I transfer my save?

Open your game folder, and you should have a “www” folder inside of it. Within that folder, there will be a “save” folder. Simply copy that into the “www” folder of the new version of the game, and you should be able to load your save when you open the game next. If you have any difficulties, let me know.

If I skip an update file, are the same files included in the next update?

The same files are included between patches, so if you got version 0.43.0 you could patch straight to 0.43.6 without any issues, no need to get 0.43.5, etc. If you are updating between full releases, you will need to get the newer base version of the game first and then copy your save folder over there. So, you can’t use a patch to go from version 0.42.3 to 0.43.0, for example.

Is there a Discord server for the game?

There is, but it is for patrons only, mainly to prevent spam.

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  1. This is an amazing game! The writing is so entrancing and funny. It is just my type of humor. I especially love the dynamic between MC and Beatrice. When reading the more steamy parts I can almost feel it myself. Good Job for this great game.

  2. princesspitches Avatar

    ohh god cant wait to try rpg maker version!

  3. EponymousKay Avatar

    Okay, the Greg scene was HILARIOUS!!

  4. Alexis Fai Avatar
    Alexis Fai

    The patch worked, I don’t get any more bunny suits and messages about getting one