Dr.Dashley Runner Release


Finally, after years of work, it is here.

The entire Dr. Dashley Runner game.

If you wish to play this game after finishing the demo.

“Open a New Game.”

Do not miss out on the many new additions that have been made!

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me make this project possible, as well as to my testers for their feedback and support.

This is the first complete game I’ve created using the Godot Engine, and I sincerely hope you like playing it and that there are no bugs.

This game was created with a great deal of love and labor, and I sincerely hope you will purchase it and enjoy playing it.

This game is centered around fetishes. I worry this is not the game for you if you enjoy being squashed by enormous, fat animals and potty humor. Some of this can be turned off using available settings.

Thus, this game will get an Adult rating.

This game is extremely difficult; I believe you will have to pass on it if you don’t enjoy challenging games.

I’m grateful. Enjoy your day and enjoying my game!


  • 2D
  • Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Funny
  • Furry
  • Godot
  • Sci-fi
  • Singleplayer



My name is Dr.Dashley, I am a video editor, artist,and mad scientist.

What I also do is make flash games, it highly involves getting squashed a lot, and some toilette humor, if this is not your thing you will not enjoy my art, animations or games.

If you do, feel free to try out my demo’s and even support me by buying my games.

I hope you have fun playing with what I create.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dr.Dashley Runner Release?

Dr. Dashley Runner is an adventure game developed by Dr.Dashley.

Who developed the Dr.Dashley Runner Release?

Dr.Dashley Runner Release was developed by Dr.Dashley.

When was the initial release of the Dr.Dashley Runner Release?

Dr.Dashley Runner Release was released on 02/18/2024.

Where can I report bugs?

Bugs can be reported on the itch comment sections.

Will this have some sort of “death gallery”?

Yes, it will have death  gallery.

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  1. Fl00fydergen Avatar

    How do I deal with the sharks in the second level of the final world