Ghost Hunter Vena

Ghost Hunter Vena is an adult game made on the Ren’py game engine. The game contains explicit and strong language.


A trio of students wager on the possibility of a local mansion being haunted. Additionally, their teacher overhears them and participates in the experiment with them. When the four of them finally get together at the estate at night, things quickly go wrong, as you could anticipate. Vena is left alone in a chamber by herself except for a sentient hand. Vena will have Hand by her side while she explores the estate to locate her pals and a way out.


Through exploration, you will find keys and abilities to keep moving forward and bits of information that will help you piece together the mansion’s history. This is an action platformer with exploration elements where you must navigate a maze-like mansion while fighting ghosts that give you orbs to upgrade your stats in a light RPG fashion.



Though the environments appear to blend, the distinct backdrops effectively convey the mood when viewed in a larger context. The dull, dark surroundings lend credence to the notion of a dilapidated, haunting mansion.


You’ll rapidly start recognizing popular music if you’ve ever played any RPG or action game available on websites like DLsite. The game experience is greatly enhanced by the music


The action is accompanied by standard sound effects and generic, hardly discernible white noise in the background, making the audio little worth mentioning. Although there are lots of squishy and moaning noises made during intercourse, the game only uses one sound bite for everything, which becomes irritating and monotonous.

Explore around

The mansion is a complex space with a variety of ghosts populating most of the passageways. You can, of course, avoid being caught by ghosts repeatedly throughout the game by learning how to avoid them. The fact that Vena and the ghosts take up a significant amount of the screen, however, makes the game harder, even though the map is intricate. As a result, it’s difficult to avoid getting hit by opponents, and occasionally, multiple attackers are visible at once.

Lewd Scenes

Ghost Hunter Vena has a lot of well-animated lewd scenes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ghost Hunter Vena?

Ghost Hunter Vena is an adult game that contains explicit and strong language.

Who developed the Ghost Hunter Vena?

Ghost Hunter Vena was developed by Vosmug.

When is the next update?

The next update is not yet known, but Vosmug will notify gamers via its social media pages.

When was the initial release of the Ghost Hunter Vena?

Ghost Hunter Vena was released on 2019-07-31

Found out the masturbating function is not working in some of the progress of the game. Is this intended?

Yes, it only works in certain parts required by the story.

Where can I report bugs?

You can report the bugs in the itch comment section.

How do I get the skeleton head?

You have to defeat the ghost using it.

The file data win cannot be extracted, which prevents the game from loading. How can I repair it?

Download it again; it seems like the download got corrupted. If you can’t extract it normally, try opening it with Winrar or 7zip, then extract.

How do I get past the mouth wall thing to the left of the door, where you get the first gauntlet orb?

To get you past the mouth wall thing, Stun then attack, Z then X

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