Hailey’s Treasure Adventure


A man visits Hailey’s farm one day and informs her about her late father’s debt. He proposes that she marry him to pay off the debt, but Hailey refuses, stating that she will find a way to repay the money. The man then reveals that Hailey’s father was a mine explorer and gives her a map that leads to his hidden treasure. However, the mines are cursed, and only those who have the same bloodline as her father can enter them. The man gives her one month to retrieve the treasure for him.


In this game, your task is to explore mines and gather valuable resources such as ore, jewels, and stone keys in each level. However, be aware of the vicious enemies that are lurking in the mines, waiting to attack you. Use your pick-axe and explosives to defend yourself against them. You can upgrade your character’s abilities and purchase consumables and clothing using the money and jewels you collect throughout the game to help you progress. Be careful and strategic to make your way through each level successfully.



Hailey’s Treasure Adventure mobile game features different difficulty levels, allowing players to use their skills to defeat monsters and progress.

As you play the game, you will notice that the level of difficulty gradually increases, but that’s the motivation for you to conquer the game and earn rewards commensurate with the difficulty level in your treasure-hunting journey left by Hailey’s father.

There are 16 playable levels and 3 for Annie.

Special Level:  Level 8 – Sweet World.



CHERRY RED: Spawns reward box in each level.

TOMB EXPLORER: 50% extra money and 50% chance of double jewels.

NAKED: Deals 50% more damage. Health regenerates during sex.



  • Solo – 4 animations (1 for each skin)
  • Duo – Worm, Bat, Skeleton, Spider, Scorpion, Snowman, Zombie, Red Skeleton, Honey Maker, Vines, Bell Flower, Goblin, Sugar Boss, Ass-assi-in, Head Hunter & Zombie variant.
  • Trio – Worm 2x, Skeleton 2x, Spider 2x, Scorpion 2x, Honey Maker 2x, Red Skeleton 2x, Goblin 2x.
  • Multi – Goblin 3x, Goblin 4x.
  • Mixed – Spider x Zombie, Spider x Honey Maker


  • Worm, Spider, Scorpion & Honey Maker.

Annie’s Expedition:-

  • Duo – Worm, Bat, Quadpuss, Zombie.
  • Trio – Zombies, Worm.

The game offers an interactive map system to assist the players in identifying the location of the treasure, the obstacles they may encounter, and the most suitable routes to take in the underground mines. Meanwhile, players have full autonomy to choose their paths and reduce the likelihood of overlooking significant landmarks and valuable treasures.

The game provides dynamic maps to help players determine the location of the treasure, the challenges that await you, and which path to take in the deep mines. At the same time, you have complete control over the routes you take, minimizing the chance of missing important landmarks in valuable treasure locations.

Hailey’s Treasure Adventure missions feature an interactive map system that seamlessly integrates with mini-games, offering an immersive gameplay experience with increased difficulty and intensity.


Hailey has a teleportation skill that helps her to move quickly between various spots, which will aid you in navigating the mines. Finding hidden treasures and resolving puzzles both depend on this function.


Hailey’s Treasure Adventure features a captivating graphical interface. It has animated images, dynamic maps, and effects that make the game more enjoyable.

It also has a sound system that matches every scene of the game.


Players can now have a custom second language by editing files in the Streaming Assets folder.


The game has achievement progress, which shows what you have accomplished so far, as well as the other quests and items that you’re lacking.


In order to play the game, you must have:

For PC/Mac:
For Android:


  • 2d Game
  • 2dcg
  • Anal Sex
  • Animated
  • Creampie
  • Female Protagonist
  • Mobile Game
  • Platformer
  • Side-scroller
  • Tentacles
  • Vaginal Sex

Frequently Asked Questions

Game’s initial release?

Hailey’s Treasure Adventure was released on Apr 28, 2021..

Who developed Hailey’s Treasure Adventure?

Hailey’s Treasure Adventure is developed by LAGS.

Who is LAGS?

LAGS made the game Hailey’s Treasure Adventure. LAGS is also known for its other games like Lustful Spirit Hunt, SurVive!, and College Brawl.

Where can I report bugs?

If you encounter bugs along the way, you can leave a comment on Itch’s game comment section.

When is the next update?

There is no official date on when the next update will be released, but LAGS will keep the player posted on when the next update will be.

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  1. FredericoTevez Avatar

    I’ve already completed all the game’s stages, all the animations and all the available missions! I sincerely hope you get well soon Lags, I can’t wait to be able to play version 0.7 on Android! Hug! ❤️

  2. IntenseLag Avatar

    Gosh this looks awesome. And it’s only 2 dollars!

  3. Hey LAGS, thank you for your explanation video on YouTube!

    Once I accomplished Magma’s mission, can I never watch IQ’s scene?

  4. When new version for android ?

  5. why i dont have animation at extras

  6. How do you Unlock Annie’s Expedition

  7. thesethawa Avatar

    I love this game so far but is there like cheats for it? I’d kind of like to skip over the hard parts and just see the animations and stuff lol