Happy Heart Panic is a pornographic game with strong language and explicit content.
This game is rated M and intended only for adults.


Sam the Protector enlisted Whispy the Fox to put an end to the evil before the opponent’s terrible intentions could come to pass. After choosing your warrior, battle your way through several stages to take out the main boss and all of its goons. can turn into a toy for them if you fall short. A side-scrolling beat-em-up with animated game-overs is what the game is. It is possible to alternate between the two heroes’ unique capture animations at any moment.


Use the D key to turn right.
Press the A key to turn left.
Use S to DOWN.
C, W, or Up keys to Jump.
Use the E key to interact.
Press the R key to Retry.
Use the Q / V key to light attack your enemies.
Z/ X keys for Heavy attack.
Use the Tab to Zoom in button to get up closer
Use M to mute voices.Press L to Lock the Loop.


Pixel Naughtiness

The game has an amazing visual style, and enemies can take advantage of you and do their evil bidding. Even though it appears fantastic, there’s a small window that can open, giving you a close-up and inside view of the camera, but more diversity is ultimately preferable. This game has so much personality.

Lewd Scene

It has the Lewd scenes that you will enjoy while playing the game.


It has been quite frequent with the updates.


As per normal, these games feature the iconic Exotic gaming element known as “struggle.” When you are captured by an adversary or adversaries, you have the opportunity to struggle to escape their hold by pressing left and right or whatever other key combination you need to release yourself. The option to do nothing and let the animation or sequence of

Basic, But Satisfying

I find it really cool that Happy Heart Panic’s gameplay is similar to an old-school side-scrolling beat ’em up. Although the battle isn’t the most intricate, I did enjoy myself a lot when I could move around and knock up characters. The gameplay is straightforward but entertaining, and you’ll undoubtedly appreciate it if you like the above-stated classic games. The fact that you can switch between the two identities at any time makes things much more fascinating, in my opinion.


  • 2d game
  • 2dcg
  • animated
  • female domination
  • female protagonist
  • furry
  • futa/trans
  • gay
  • male protagonist
  • monster girl
  • pregnancy
  • side-scroller
  • sissification
  • spanking
  • trap


If you’re looking for something dirty to do but still want to play a “game,” Happy Heart Panic is the ideal choice. This pornographic side-scrolling game is fantastic and difficult! On your adventure, you will see anthro foxes, rabbits, cats, ponies, deers, birds, humans, and much more yes, this game is exotic and there are a lot of fetishes and kinks in this game, and if you are not a complete degenerate, you will/or may not like it.


Doggie Bones Games- an aspiring NSFW artist with a passion for many creative fields of study.


Frequently Asked Questions

 What is a Happy Heart Panic?

 Happy Heart Panic is a pornographic game. With strong language and explicit content, this game is rated M and intended only for adults.

Who developed the Happy Heart Panic?

 Happy Heart Panic was developed by Doggie Bones.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but Doggie will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Happy Heart Panic?

 Happy Heart Panic was released on 2023-09-06.

How can I locate your content?

On Patreon, you may find links to Happy Heart Panic, Happy Heart Hell, and all of your other projects. Along with f95zone and ULMF, you may find recent builds for any ongoing projects on my Fur Affinity account and on Twitter.
https://www.furaffinity.net/user/doggiebones/ / https://twitter.com/doggie_bones

 Where do I submit my name to be listed in the game?

Please let me know what name you would want to be listed under in a message sent to me via Patreon or in our Discord group’s “VIP-name-submission” channel. I update the list of names in the Discord group to be presented publicly.  (Linking your Discord account to Patreon will be required.)

Can my OC be in the game?

There’s no assurance. The elder gods choose, commission, or add characters as they see fit

 Where are you the most active?

If you are a supporter, visit the “vip_wips” channel for the most recent daily updates.  (You will have to link your discord account to Patreon)

Where and when do you stream?

Occasionally, events or streams take place in one of the two “VIP-stream” channels following a notification.

How big is your team?

I work by myself on the game other than helping with voice acting, music, and frequency of grammar corrections/writing by Whispy.

Do you have a set release date for builds?

 No, it just leads to either expectation getting hurt or the project suffering from being rushed. The only time I announce a date is when the project is ready to be played or I am a few days from wrapping everything up.

 What fetishes do you focus on?

 I do not focus on any single group of fetishes or try and represent as many kinks as possible. Whispy both enjoy a wide selection of subjects and naturally pick what seems the most interesting to showcase with a given character or use ideas created by our community. That said, all my games will feature ABDL content because Whispy willed it so.

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  1. LadyDeath Avatar

    the H Y P E is real ! :p

  2. YES, more trappy fox boi

  3. LadyDeath Avatar

    Great game, waiting for more !

  4. LazySloth Avatar

    The sprites are really good, I hope you get to finish it.

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    Can we get the controls posted here?
    Good game btw.