Hole House

Hole House is an incredible virtual casino experience designed to ensnare you in a whirlwind of thrills, tactics, and aspirations. You will emerge from this expansive story as not just a participant but also the brain behind the scenes, entrusted with an incredible project: the total makeover of an aging and mysterious status of entertainment.


In the game HoleHouse, players take control of an outdated brothel that has recently changed hands to revitalize the sector. They’re currently understaffed and hiring, but you’ll need to establish yourself if you want to join them full-time. Only a few girls are employed here, but with time, I’m sure you can persuade more to come, whether it’s for nefarious purposes, financial gain, or some other perverse motivation. As you progress, you must improve the House and develop your charm with increasingly affluent women. I hope you enjoy your stay at the Hole House, as there are many options.


Step 1. Open up the house by finding the Key and the Door Knob they should be lying around somewhere after you flip the sign.

Step 2. On the desk, there is a sheet of paper that will allow you to access the first four girls who are already there.

Step 3. For one of those girls, let the Cum Bar on the Left fill up (This can be sped up by switching between Anal and Vag every so often).

Step 4. You will now have received your phone. Each app has a different purpose. The main apps are the Quests (Bottom Right will tell you how to unlock the other girls and Scenes) and the Locality/Call app (Right Middle, which will allow you to call the girls you want and show loyalty).

Step 4.5. To fuck any girl, you need to press the Loy button on the phone, which is the middle right one, and then you will have the option to call any of the girls you want.

Step 4.6. The Quests Are Scrollable, so you may not have seen more.

Step 5. When you want to fuck a girl on the Desk, you will need to make it Day time, as this is when Gloria goes home, and the Reception is free (During the night, you can fuck Gloria on the Desk).

Step 6. If you want to call Gloria, use the Bell On the Desk.


You begin Hole House with a run-down motel in dire need of repair. It’s your responsibility to upgrade the business and hire more girls. But, you’ll need to draw in smart women who can provide your clients with more than simply a sexual encounter; any girls won’t do. You’ll need to build relationships with the girls and convince them to work for you to accomplish this. The stronger the bond, the more probable they will stick with you and give the customers superior service. You’ll also need to handle competing hotels and manage your finances to keep the business afloat as you advance through the game.


Immersive Storyline

The game’s rich narrative places you in charge of an aging brothel. Even though your organization is in a closing position, you will manage it effectively. Making a girl pleased will be your first test of mettle before you can begin working. Your workplace can be used for a variety of purposes. To expand the business, remodel the home and its furnishings, and hire new housegirls.

Exciting Scenes

The game has thrilling sequences that will brighten your day. You can choose any girl you like to hang out with and enjoy yourselves. Show them your abilities and win their approval to get more game points. Enjoy a variety of thrilling scenarios with them.

Be the Owner

The house belongs to you, hence, you are free to call any girl in your reception area or workplace to enjoy and have fun with her. Pick whatever character you like to play with, remodel the home, and select the furnishings. Establish the operating hours for your home as the owner. Find new employees and girls for your company as well.

Meet and Interact with Girls

There will be a few girls in the house at first. As you advance and visit new locations, you can unlock more. You can engage with them, make an impression on them with your words and deeds, have fun with them, and win their allegiance.


You can alter the girl’s character while she is acting. You can alter their attire, foot placement, nail polish hue, movement style, body type, and more. Additionally, you can modify their pregnancy status.

Graphics and Sound in Hole House

The Hole House download features menacing sound effects paired with gorgeous visuals. This gives the gamers a large, engaging area. The mansion’s interior is realistically rendered, creating a terrifying, eerie environment full of mysteries

Recruit Workers/Characters

In this game, you can appoint new characters or employees and assign them tasks. This feature adds versatile characters that can perform various duties, improving the game.

Realistic Graphics & Sound Effects

For aficionados of horror, the game’s genuine feel and engrossing atmosphere are enhanced by its high-quality graphics. It also features realistic sound effects to add even more suspense and anxiety.

Regularly Updated Content

Regular additions of new challenges and riddles make the game interesting and fun. This guarantees that you won’t become tired of the same material quickly.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Hole House has been created to accommodate players on various structures. Regardless of the platform you play, a Windows computer, a Mac, a Linux device, or an Android smartphone, you can easily navigate the game and lose yourself in the exciting online casino control experience.

Multilingual Support

In Hole House, language is not a barrier. It boasts multilingual support for a few languages, making it possible for players with different language backgrounds to comprehend the dialogue, directions, and gameplay completely. Take part in the game worldwide in the language of your choice.

Romantic Storylines

Hole House explores the realm of romance in addition to casino management. Form meaningful relationships with the characters you encounter in the game. Make friends, go on dates, and find online love in the exciting environment of a casino.


Possibly the most alluring feature of Hole House is that it provides an amazing gaming experience at no cost at all. You can enter Hole House headlong and fully utilize all of its features, gaming aspects, and material without having to make any financial commitments upfront.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hole House?

Hole House is an incredible virtual casino experience designed to ensnare you in a whirlwind of thrills, tactics, and aspirations

Who developed the Hole House?

Hole House was developed by DotArt.

When is the next update?

Stay tuned for updates on the next update’s timing;  DotArt will share details via its social media platforms.

When was the initial release of the Hole House?

Hole House was released on 2024-02-16.

Where can I report bugs?

You have the option to report bugs on the game’s Discord server, or you can post comments on the Patreon or Itch comment sections.

How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit DotArt’s Patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/dotartnsfw

Will you add more characters to the game

As the game is still in its early development stage, there is potential to introduce more characters to enrich and expand the gaming experience.

Can we play Hole House online?

You can only play the game on different devices after installing it on your device. You can play it on a PC, mobile, or tablet.

Is Hole House available on Android?

Yes, the game is available on Android. Download and install the game to play it on your device

Is Hole House a good game?

It is an addictive game with lots of quests and exciting elements for players.

How do you even do the boobjob mission? Where the hell is Samus?

Samus and any of the other girls are in their room upstairs. Use the door on the right in your reception.

Is it on iOS yet?

Unfortunately, Hole House is not in iOS yet. The team is still working on it, so stay tuned!

How do you interact with the glory hole?

When you are in the scene, you need to start it first on the top right then you can click the button below the bar to fill it up.

 I found where the camera is, but I’m stuck on Velma’s quest, and it won’t let me do anything with it, so how do I progress?

Once you find the camera, that should complete her part of the quest if you click on it

How can I talk with Sheego?

She is in Kim’s location.

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