Kingdom of Subversion


Kingdom of Subversion is an adult fantasy RPG, where you take control of a half-goblin outcast. After being banished from the Kingdom of Lumis, you team up with Queen Selvana of Umbrus, the ruler of the opposing realm. She bestows upon you new abilities that will enable you to stealthily enter Lumis and start hatching plans for its destruction.

With your body changed to a human’s and these new powers at your disposal, your objective is straightforward but will demand exceptional competence. Become a hero and a household name in the country. Gain entry into Lumis’s royal court by using your influence. Take control of them and use that power to go to Queen Roserra, the Lumis monarch. Then the decisive blow may be made, and Lumis is open for grabs.

Can you become the dominant power in this political environment by outwitting your competitors?

Can you become the dominant power in this political environment by outwitting your competitors?


Immersive Storytelling

An interesting plot is at the core of this game. You will become involved in a web of political intrigue and drama right away. You start to worry more about your country’s future as you make decisions that will impact its direction.

Strategic Depth

In contrast to numerous smartphone games that provide uninteresting gameplay, this one tests your ability to think strategically. Every decision you make, from joining forces to fighting, will affect the future of your kingdom, so you must carefully consider your alternatives.

Political Intrigue

This game will satiate your desire for political maneuvering if you have a flair for it. The focus of Kingdom Of Subversion is on clandestine operations, alliance-building, and diplomatic talks with other players.

Dynamic Gameplay

Kingdom Of Subversion offers exciting gameplay. Every decision you make has an impact on the future of your nation. Whichever route you choose, bold diplomacy or courageous combat will determine the course of your adventure.

Kingdom Building

You will have the thrilling chance to construct your country from the ground up as a ruler. This means putting in place a range of structures, looking into new technology, and managing resources well. Your goal is to create a thriving and prosperous kingdom.

Political Intrigue

The central theme of the game is political intrigue. You will participate in collusion, competition, and counterfeiting. Your kingdom’s interests can be safeguarded through diplomatic conversations, but occasionally you need to carry out covert operations to accomplish your objectives.

Espionage and Subterfuge

You must become an expert at espionage and subterfuge if you want to succeed in this game. Use assassins and spies to destroy rival leaders, disrupt hostile activities, or obtain vital intelligence

Epic Battles

Take part in thrilling conflicts that will test your strategic acumen. Whether you’re up against AI-controlled opponents or other players, you may command your forces, cast powerful spells, and see the battle of the armies unfold in stunning graphics.

Player Interaction

It provides an exciting multiplayer encounter. Make alliances with other players, engage in guild activities, or engage in player-versus-player competitive contests to demonstrate your authority and influence.

Engaging Storyline

The game’s captivating plot is among its many notable features. A mobile game with such a deep and intricate storyline is rare.

Strategic Challenge

It takes more than just aimless tapping; each action must be carefully considered. Every choice I made in the game, from planning the expansion of my country to forging alliances with other players, needed careful thinking.

Vibrant Multiplayer

There is a vibrant multiplayer community in this game. The game gained a social dimension with player-versus-player battles, guild activities, and alliance formation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kingdom of Subversion?

Kingdom of Subversion is an adult fantasy role-playing game where you take control of a half-goblin outcast.

Who developed the Kingdom of Subversion?

Kingdom of Subversion was developed by Naughty Underworld.

When is the next update?

The next update is not specified, but Naughty Underworld will inform the players about it through Patreon and its other social media accounts.

When was the Kingdom of Subversion initially released?

Kingdom of Subversion was released on January 28, 2024

Where can I report bugs?

You can post a comment on the Patreon or Itch comment sections if ever you encounter bugs along the way.

Will you add more characters to the game?

There’s a big possibility that more characters will be added to the game since the game is still in its early phase.

How do you get the red soul in the Kingdom of Subversion?

When you corrupt someone, at some point, you will get one. Else, you can go to the bar next to Velexia. There are 4 girls on the right. Talk to them every night and they will give you a Red Soul after a few times.

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