Legend of Queen Opala: Origin

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin is a lewd RPG that has been made with RPG Maker. It has a fun and very XXX fantasy-themed story for you to play through.


Using the RPG Maker XP engine, I’ve been creating an RPG series that primarily centers on Queen Opala, her evil sister Osira, and their mother Farah, though the most recent game in the series is branching out. Most importantly, though, is that the games themselves will always be free, even though it’s obvious that the production process can’t be.


Use arrows and any Enter key.
Enter or C to Search/ Talk/ Confirm. Basically all usable actions.
0 or X: Cancel/ Back
A Running when the Item is obtained.
Alt+Enter Makes the game full screen



A dancer in her mature years. Mother of Opala and Osira.

Queen Opala 

The Queen of Egypt. A headstrong young girl.

Empress Osira 

Opala’s evil sister, who feels betrayed by her family and intends to seize Egypt for herself one day.

Sunny-Sue Ellen

A young cheerful redneck who helps her family out and their farm.


A young mysterious fortune teller who helps the protagonist on his journey.


A small girl of the catgirl species called the Neifu. Has a bad temper and can be quite foul-mouthed.


Another Neifu of the same tribe as Ra’Tiki. Considers herself to be very sophisticated and proper while speaking with an English accent…although she might be the opposite.


A tiny crystal fairy. Little info is known about it. People can’t tell if she is truly kind of evil with her mischievious behavior.


A very strong barbarian who always hides her face behind a minotaur head-shaped helmet and barely speaks a word.


A cheerful bandit with insanely bad luck, but with an over-enthusiastic personality to make her get through anything.


A strong warrior and a fellow Crusader in the Beldorian Forces, along with the protagonist. She is very serious about her work but weak against alcohol.

Black Dame

A mysterious Information Broker who is one of the last survivors of the long-lost civilization (of elves) known as the Neverus.


A scientist who works for the Beldorian Empire and has questionable motives, speaks with a German accent.


Special Items
  • Eyes of HorusEach Eye of Horus used decreases the transparency of the randomly generated monsters.
  • Tablets of History Tablets of History will allow you to receive special information from the Fortune Teller in the Capitol of Egypt.
  • Moonstones The Blacksmith in the Hell Dune [PG] will craft high-end “Moon” items for you based on how many Moonstones you have in your inventory (they are never used up).
  • SunstonesThe Blacksmith in the Hell Dune [PG] will craft high-end “Sun” items for you based on how many Sunstones you have in your inventory (they are never used up).
  • Master Hen’Tai Boxes Tall wooden boxes in which you can find Master Hen’Tai. Each time you open a box, you will do battle with Master Hen’Tai (of increasing strength) and be rewarded with an Illustration for a win.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Legend of Queen Opala: Origin?

  Legend of Queen Opala: Origin is a lewd RPG that has been made with RPG Maker. It has a fun and very XXX fantasy-themed story for you to play through.

 Who developed the Legend of Queen Opala: Origin?

 Legend of Queen Opala: Origin was developed by SweGabe.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but SweGabe will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

 When was the initial release of the Legend of Queen Opala: Origin?

Legend of Queen Opala: Origin was released on 2023-12-21.

 Should I play the Good path or the Evil path first?

If you want to have the most diverse party selection at the end of New Game + mode, you should play Good the first time through the game and Evil in New Game + (allowing you access to all three Royals as party members).

How do I remove the boulders that block my path in several locations?

They will be removed as you progress through the story. Many of the boulders (specifically, near the “Warning – Dangerous Enemies” signs) will disappear when you enter Post-Game mode.

Where can I buy the ship?

After finding Greece, you can purchase the ship you started the game on from its captain for 20,000G. You’ll need to purchase maps from the Gift Shop in the Egypt Capitol to use the ship.

Do I need the treasure maps to dig up the buried treasures?

No. If you know where they are, you can dig them up as soon as you reach the area in question. However, NG+ treasures may only be found in NG+.

How many party members are there, and where can they be found?

There are a total of 11, including the Hero. Look in the Characters section for more information. Seven Standard, encountered throughout the game: Gath’D – Hunter – Egypt – Weapon District – Inn Dargon – Cleric – Egypt – Tavern Phalen – Lancer – Athrosa Village – Weapon Shop Tirah – Warrior – Athrosa Village – Tavern Lucia – Holy Cleric – Festival Island Murdock – Fire Mage – Mount Falcon – Inn Sephira – Ice Mage – Wintero – Tavern

How do I get the Royal Women (Opala, Osira, Farah) into my party?

The Royals are only available in the post-game. Depending on which ending you chose (see Endings section for details), you will be able to have sex with 0-3 of the Royals. You must invite them to your Mansion (speak to them after obtaining 12 staff), then have sex with them 4 times. When you speak to them the 5th time, they will offer to join your party. If you accept, they will be available in the Camel Toe Tavern.

How/Where do I hire staff for my mansion?

You hire all mansion staff on Festival Island.

Basic Staff (Maids, Guards, Musicians, Bunny Girl) may be hired from the Bunny Girl one screen north of the clock.

Skilled Staff (Cook, Bartender, Dancer, Jester) must be won in the various games and Arena on Festival Island. (Three wins in each game will net you a staff member.) You will need at least 12 staff to hire the Royals into your party in the post-game; otherwise, the staff is largely just for fun.

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    One of the best game!

  2. Thank you, guess i will wait a little more until the game is complete then.

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    it’ll be like 1 or 2 years to reach golden edition.

  4. Is there any teleportation system in this game

  5. this is more of an upgrade than a continuation of the game