Lilith’s Throne

Lilith’s Throne is a text-based erotic RPG in which you travel through a world filled with demons, magic, and lots of sex.

The major plot of the game revolves around your attempt to find a way back home after being taken into an alternate realm.

The game now features four anthropomorphic races in addition to humans and demons, with hopes of adding many more in the future!


You can now invite friendly occupants living in Lilaya’s mansion to the spa. Added banks to Dominion and Elis. You can create an account in the Dominion Bank and then use the deposit boxes to store and retrieve items and money, as well as generate interest on money stored there. After having sex with Vicky three times, she will try to dominate you, and if you submit, then it will unlock more content with her. Added a new internal map for Pix’s gym, added a few extra scenes for Pix, and added a new character (a spotted hyena-girl boxer named Hannah) to the gym. Completing Hannah’s boxing training unlocks a new bar map in Nightlife, in which you can have one-night stands with randomly generated NPCs.



This game has Several explorable, tile-based maps.


There are multiple options that you can perform with your partner during sex. You can select different positions, kiss them, grope their breasts, undress them, etc. If you are submissive, you can ask your partner for a request, but they can refuse it if they don’t like it.


Randomised, persistent NPCs who can be fully transformed!


Levelling systems for perks and fetishes. (Currently 30 fetishes, with plans for a lot more!)


A lot of clothing (currently 230+ items) for you to customize your character with. Options to set your personal preferences for NPC furryness, gender, and gender pronouns.


Map movement can be performed by either clicking on a highlighted bordered square next to you or using the WASD/Arrow keys on the keyboard. If there is a number at the top-right of a button, you can type the number instead of clicking on the button to select it. Certain actions can be done with a keyboard and can be viewed/changed by going to Keybinds in the options. The rest is done with a mouse.


In the options, you can change the gender and/or the furriness of the enemy.

  • Gender preferences Determines the gender of a randomly encountered NPC. You are most likely to encounter any gender that is set to high, and any gender that is set to off will be disabled.
  • Furry preferences Determines the furriness of the random NPC. NPCs will spawn with no furry parts with Humans, and Maximum will spawn to be fully furry. You can also set the human encounter rate here if you want the enemy to have multiple sets of breasts or just one set. Mythological and demonic races, such as harpies and demons, are not affected by this preference.

Fighting is turn-based with the goal of being the first to reduce their enemy’s health or willpower to zero. The winner can have sex with the loser and be the dominant partner. The player can be submissive with the Submissive fetish after winning. If you have the Indefatigable perk, you can only lose when your health goes down to zero.


After defeating an enemy and getting an essence from them, talk to Lilaya in her lab about it, and you will have the ability to craft potions from your inventory. Enchanting uses race-specific essences and ingredients to craft draughts, potions, and elixirs that raise or lower attributes or apply permanent transformations, depending on which ingredient you use and which elements you select. For example, using a Bubblegum Lollipop to enchant and select arms will change your character’s arms to a harpy.


We Innoxia Games released a new game called Lilith’s Throne, and the version is 0.4.9. The game’s story is about Basically, the game is about you being transported into an alternate dimension, and the main story is about trying to find a way to return home. Alongside humans and demons, there are currently 4 anthropomorphic races in the game, with plans for many more to be added in the future!


Frequently Asked Questions

 What is a Lilith’s Throne?

Lilith’s Throne is a text-based erotic RPG being developed by Innoxia. It’s been made from scratch in Java and uses JavaFX for the UI.

Who developed the Lilith’s Throne?

Lilith’s Throne was developed by Innoxia.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but Innoxia will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Lilith’s Throne?

 Lilith’s Throne was released on 2023-09-27.

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  1. zeldaris Avatar

    nice game

  2. Porn_Jesus Avatar

    Love the new submission sex with the slaves.

  3. I really enjoy this game, but how can they not have added bunny girls?!!?

  4. PsychoticFlamez Avatar

    This is a really good game so far, already spent countless hours on it.

  5. theimpregnator Avatar

    how do i fuck my slaves now i cant see the option