Macabre Hall

Macabre Hall is a horror game enthusiast with its unique storyline, thrilling gameplay, challenging puzzles, atmospheric graphics, strategic resource management, and engaging narrative, it offers a complete package for an immersive gaming experience.


The thrilling 3D Adult Survival Horror game will have you gripped from start to finish. Get ready to experience a terrifying world where all of your greatest fears have come true and time has stopped. You wake up from a coma in this suspenseful plot and discover that you are imprisoned in a lonely hospital. With little energy and the constant fear of perverted girls following you everywhere, you must solve terrifying riddles to escape with your life and, perhaps more crucially, your innocence unbroken. The darkness envelops you, and strange monsters lurk in the shadows, hungry for “FUN.”

Can you survive the terror and find salvation?


A First-Person 3D Adult Survival Horror game is called Macabre Hall. Avoid the pervert girls and find the way out. Remember to conserve your energy, as your lungs are not as healthy as those of a heavy smoker. Complete 999 IQ tasks. I suppose that’s sufficient knowledge to preserve your life and virginity


Unique Storyline

The intriguing plot of the game Macabre Hall has the player waking up from a coma in an abandoned hospital surrounded by creatures. To keep consumers interested, it incorporates a suspenseful and mysterious element.

Thrilling Gameplay

Macabre Hall is a First-Person 3D Adult Survival Horror game that delivers a gripping and exciting gameplay experience. Players have to find their way out of the creepy hallways while dodging lewd girls and making their way outside.

Challenging Puzzles

There are 999 IQ puzzles in the game that the player must solve to see how intelligent they are. This feature makes the gameplay more exciting and difficult.

Atmospheric Graphics

The visually striking graphics in the game add to the overall immersive experience. The hospital’s creepy, dark atmosphere makes for a tense and frightening setting.

Strategic Resource Management

Effective stamina management is essential for players because it determines their survival. Because of the character’s limited lung capacity, saving stamina becomes crucial and calls for meticulous preparation and calculated decision-making.

Engaging Narrative

Players are drawn in by the game’s captivating story from the first. It guarantees a gripping and thrilling plot by fusing aspects of mystery, survival, and terror.

Stamina management

Keep an eye on your endurance because it’s essential to your survival. Your lungs are as weak as an expert smoker’s, so make sure to use it properly.

Save your life and virginity

Get ready for an exciting journey where your integrity and life are in jeopardy. Get away from the twisted beasts and take care of your bodily and mental health.


  • 3d game
  • Adventure
  • Creampie
  • Horror
  • Male Protagonist
  • Mobile Game
  • POV
  • Vaginal Sex


I’m TheDuceDev, the developer of hentai games. My goal is to make a revolution in the hentai game industry and unite the great hentai players around the world!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Macabre Hall?

Macabre Hall is a horror game enthusiast with its unique storyline, thrilling gameplay, and challenging puzzles.

Who developed the Macabre Hall?

Macabre Hall was developed by TheDuceDev.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but TheDuceDev will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Macabre Hall?

Macabre Hall was released on 2024-01-22.

Where can I report bugs?

If you encounter any bugs, please report them on the game’s Discord server. You can also share your feedback by commenting on the Patreon or pages.

How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit TheDuceDev’s Patreon site:

Will you add more characters to the game?

With the game still in its early stages of development, there’s a chance to introduce fresh characters to enrich and diversify the gaming experience. Stay tuned for updates and the potential addition of new characters as the development unfolds.

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  1. Pretty good start so far. Sex scenes are hot. First area is a bit long.

  2. Malik177 Avatar

    This games looks promising, are you planning on adding more sexual animations? its kinda boring at the moment terms of gameplay

  3. jkm7777777 Avatar

    horror game + porn