Magic Academy

Magic Academy is a place where most magicians live and is a school for children talented in witchcraft and wizardry. It was also known that numerous accomplished magic instructors had taught here


Most of us have heard the tale of the young English magician who altered the course of the world of magic. We followed him as he matured, attended the Magic School, and gradually altered the world for many years.

Ever wonder how these kinds of magical schools come to be? When and by whom are they made? Why are these particular disciplines taught, and where do the professors originate from?

Play our game to discover the answers to these queries.


Famous Universe

You’ll discover yourself in a universe that you’ve seen in films or read about in novels. Find out more about how it abides by the laws and goes about its daily business.

Create your Academy

The establishment of a new magical academy will be key to the whole story. You will experience every phase of its development, from obtaining approval to triumphantly ascending to the top of the rankings.

Not just a Novella

The game is primarily about dialogues, but it also has a ton of different mini-games, and we’ll add more as we consider your recommendations.


Special songs were composed for our project to add to the enchanted ambiance.

Player-oriented development

While our staff has ideas for the project’s advancement, we will also consider your ideas, comments, and recommendations.


  • 2dcg
  • Big Ass
  • Big Tits
  • Fantasy
  • Male Protagonist
  • Masturbation
  • Monster Girl
  • Romance
  • Sandbox


Hello! We are Wild Pear, a small team of enthusiasts consisting of just a few people.
Meezady – an artist responsible for characters, full-scale scenes, and the overall style.
Foxy – programming, scripting scenes, and writing tools.
Goose – an artist responsible for backgrounds and icons.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magic Academy?

Magic Academy is a place where most magicians live and is a school for children talented in witchcraft and wizardry. Many experienced professors of magic were known also to have taught here

Who developed the Magic Academy?

Magic Academy was developed by Wild Pear.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but Wild Pear will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Magic Academy?

Magic Academy was released on 2024-03-11.

Where can I report bugs?

Bugs can be reported on the game’s Discord server. You can also post a comment on the Patreon or itch comment sections.

How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit Wild Pear’s Patreon site:

Will you add more characters to the game?

As the game evolves during its initial stages of development, there’s an opportunity to introduce additional characters to enhance and expand upon the gaming experience. Keep watch for updates and the potential inclusion of new characters as development moves forward.

Will there be an impregnation?

We do not know everything will depend on what people who support us on Patreon suggest.

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  1. I was waiting this one for so long!! thanks!

  2. Great potential, waiting for future updates!

  3. Victoriya Avatar

    You had me at magic school.