Messy Academy


Messy Academy is an 18+ adult/eroge visual novel that focuses on diapers! It’s a general school life, slice of life feeling series that not only focuses on the adult related focuses. But also contains comedy, drama and romance as well!

There is excellent world and character building going on in the game and on the surface. This might just look like another adult porn fetish style game, which it is.. But! It’s much more than that and don’t expect to jump right into having sex in this game, as it leans more on the realistic side without being too realistic either.

Not to confuse this game or compare it to other diaper fetish games out there, this game does feature actual sex and acts that most games within that genre don’t touch often. That being said, this game doesn’t have a massive focus on adult baby or abdl aspects either though. (Granted some player options do present more adult baby or diaper content for your own personal experience.)

Who will you romance? 6 main girls & 3 side girls, all with routes to discover. Each girl has their own unique personality, past and secrets to discover! Male & Female protagonist options! MalexFemale content & FemalexFemale content. (Female protag coming in late March.)


You take the role as either Brandon Wilkins (male) or Blythe Wilkins (female), a 20-year-old decently average, slightly geeky guy/girl that attends an open college in England. Within the two years of attending, they’d befriend Nathan and Joey, as they shared similar interests. They’d typically spend their free time hanging out, playing video games, discussing recent anime series or typical geeky activities they considered. It was clear to them that they’re not exactly outcasts, but they weren’t in the popular group of students either, at best they’d come across as average.

Even with this in mind, things weren’t exactly terrible at the school, but they could feel that something was missing from their college experience. That’s when it finally hit them that neither of them had any luck dating on campus, let alone in their past years before college. They were still virgins and for some people it wouldn’t be a big issue for their age, but they still couldn’t help but feel as if they’re missing out in life. Not only to lose their virginity, but to experience having a girlfriend who connects with them, a girl to share themselves with emotionally and physically, sexually and feel a deep importance to one another for their futures.

With the missing puzzle piece figured out, there still remained the issue of getting a girlfriend. Their luck at the school in the past two years has been very slim and felt bleak to them. They knew their only option was to suck it up and put forth more energy into impressing a girl on campus or seek out a fresh start elsewhere. It became clear to Brandon/Blythe that they needed a change of scenery, a new beginning to start anew.

Brandon/Blythe would begin their search in the weeks that followed their discussion and it’d just so happen, that fate would soon pop into their emails of all places. A simple email with the header “Pembroke Academy is seeking more female students, with a few male students to test our co-ed program, apply today!”.

At first they thought it seemed fishy, like a scam attempt, but their own desire for something new gave them the push to click on the email. The email listed a brief summary, that the school was an all-girls private college located in the Northern countryside of Wales. It mentioned that the school is rolling out a selective program to hand pick a few male students to attend, with the goal of possibly opening the school up for co-ed after Summer if all goes well during the trial period.

Brandon/Blythe couldn’t help but fantasize what it’d be like to attend such a campus with their buddies, before snapping back to reality. The odds of being accepted into this program were probably slim to none, assuming they’d be receiving plenty of applications from guys across the country who offer more as students at such an exclusive private school. [Blythe assumes she could make it in, if there isn’t major requirements involved, but she doesn’t want to leave her friends behind.]

Regardless, they had nothing to lose by trying at the very least. They filled out the form within the email, tossing down their information, along with their buddies’ details and hit send. Life would continue as normal for a few more weeks without any new emails from the sender and they began to assume it really was just some poor scam attempt.

Then, the day came. Brandon/Blythe noticed an email notification from them, opening it up as quickly as humanly possible! Inside, it announced that not only was their application accepted to Pembroke Academy, but their buddies’ Nathan and Joey were too! They couldn’t believe their luck and even then, they wouldn’t believe it was really happening until everything was officially sorted out for their transfer. It was official, the guys were traveling to Northern Wales to prepare for their new life at Pembroke Academy!

Upon arrival, they’d soon learn of the interesting rules in order to officially attend, leading to Brandon/Blythe’s curiosity to discover just what exactly is going on with this school and how it can exist in the first place…


  • 2dcg
  • Anal Sex
  • BDSM
  • Cosplay
  • Female Domination
  • Female Protagonist
  • Groping
  • Humiliation
  • Humor
  • Incest
  • Male Protagonist
  • Oral Sex
  • Romance
  • Scat
  • School Setting
  • Spanking
  • Teasing
  • Urination
  • Vaginal Sex
  • Virgin


Messy Studios is a small tight knit team of different backgrounds that focus on making and releasing game updates for an adult visual novel called Messy Academy.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Messy Academy?

Messy Academy is an 18+ adult/eroge visual novel that focuses on diapers.

Who developed the Messy Academy?

Messy Academy was developed by Princess Bridget.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but Princess Bridget  will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Messy Academy?

Messy Academy was released on Oct 21, 2019.

Where can I report bugs?

To report any bugs, head over to the game’s Discord server. Additionally, you can leave a comment on either the Patreon or comment sections.

Will you add more characters to the game?

During the initial stages of development, there’s a promising opportunity to introduce more characters, elevating the gaming experience. Stay updated for announcements and the potential integration of new characters as development unfolds.

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