Pop Pop Butt

Pop Pop Butt is a unique adventure game with many diverse levels and increasing difficulty. It has a unique spanking game that relieves stress for all players by fusing elements of a rhythm-based music game. Enjoy the wonderful sensation of being spanked with the rhythmic movement of the music. As they receive spankings, listen to the soothing sound of the punishment and see the characters’ buttocks get red and bouncy. It feels like all of the tension leaves your body.


The story revolves around a typical office worker who experiences ongoing harassment from the boss’s son at work, which causes her to become quite stressed out. At night, the main character does a unique part-time job at the prestigious “Mugaku Private Club,” where they are experts at training and disciplining patrons who want to attend. When the protagonist shows up for work on a regular night, they run upon an unexpected client.


Press Tap for shortbeat.
Tap Long Press for Longbeat.
Quick tap for Fever time.
To go right, swipe right
To go Left, swipe left


Your goal in Pop Pop Butt is to assist the main character in navigating obstacles and perils along the way. To complete challenging puzzles, you’ll need to employ talent and reasoning, but you’ll also need quick reflexes to dodge potential threats. To demonstrate your abilities, you can also challenge your friends and take part in online competitions.



Pop Pop Butt features different game modes. You can either go solo or go online and compete with your friends.

Engaging Story

The  Pop Pop Butt has a captivating narrative that immerses the player in the game.

Unique characters

Throughout the game, you will face challenges from distinct and captivating personalities

A blend of Puzzle and Action

The game offers a variety of experiences by fusing fast-paced action with mental problems.

Regular updates

To ensure that players always stay energized, the game’s development team constantly updates and adds new features, missions, and characters

Graphics and Sound

Pop Pop Butt has beautiful graphics and vivid sound.

Graphics and Sound

Pop Pop Butt creates increasingly realistic and eye-catching environments for players with its colorful and crisp images.
Pop Pop Butt gives you an immersive experience in its universe and improves your game pleasure with vibrant sound effects and a catchy record track.

Unique Gameplay and Level System

Exploding stacked balls are a fun and inventive design for a recreation center that makes players use their skills and tactics. There are many tiers, ranging from simple to difficult, so there’s always a fresh puzzle to solve.

Score and Ranking System

As you demonstrate your development and drive to become a superb player, compete against friends and players worldwide.

Play Offline

Thanks to the offline play feature, you can play the game at your convenience without an online connection.

Stress Relief Experience

The pulse in your buttocks X The beat of your heart X The beat of music.

Chinese full voice

Feel his breathing in your ears as he is dubbed by Taiwan’s top dubbing crew, “Spring even if the voice is not sweet”


You won’t want to put it down because of the sensual butt created by expertly crafted Live2D dynamics.

Expression difference, bursting clothes effect

The game has a variety of expressions and outfits that reveal his private side to you without any holds barred.

Rich impact effects

An enjoyable element is added to the gaming experience by a range of battle and situational special effects.

Full of lust

Train him, conquer him, satisfy him


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pop Pop Butt?

Pop Pop Butt is a unique adventure game with many diverse levels and increasing difficulty.

Who developed the Pop Pop Butt?

Pop Pop Butt was developed by TanbiMaker.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but TanbiMaker will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

Does the game support multiple languages?

Yes, Pop Pop Butt supports many different languages to ensure players around the world can participate.

Where can I report bugs?

You can post a comment on the itch comment sections.

How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit TanbiMaker’s Patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/kagetodev/about

Will you add more characters to the game?

Given that the game is still in its early development stage, there is the potential to introduce more characters to enhance and expand the gaming experience. Stay tuned for updates and the possible inclusion of new characters as the development progresses

Does the game require an internet connection?

Yes, some game features require an internet connection to participate in online competitions and interact with friends.

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