Renryuu: Ascension

Renryuu: Ascension is a RPG, Indie, Adventure, and Early Access game developed by Naughty-Netherpunch.


Ryen seizes the chance to take control after learning of a scheme to install a pretender on the throne. From the streets of the city to the furthest corners of the globe, his responsibilities and experiences as the new king will take him.

Renryuu is a fully fledged role-playing game that offers thrills, peril, and the companionship of stunning women. Three characters make up your team at first, but as you journey, up to twelve more can join you. When your relationship reaches a certain level, all nine of the party girls will get at least three CGs, ranging from a nude scene to an exciting night out. in addition to extra character cards (CGs) of supporting cast members you encounter along the way.


Ryen belongs to the dragon race, which is descended from a hybrid of humans and dragons. Although he exhibits cold-bloodedness and cruelty, he doesn’t really enjoy killing.

Tsubaki Hijikata
Tsubaki has a pleasant demean yet remains menacing at the same time.

Trey Abacus 
Trey is the leader of the Royal Guards. He is a courageous and honorable individual who has previously served his country in numerous fights.

Despite her extreme weakness, her healing abilities makes her a significant asset on any battlefield. She is constantly happy and enjoys being of service to others, but there appears to be a dark side to her smile.

The group’s tsundere and an enigmatic vampire. She loves to be pampered, but she also gets upset when someone treats her like a child. Ryen finds her sealed away in a dungeon by chance, but it seems as if the two of them are somehow connected.

Mirel is an expert with her bow. Her parents passed away, and the town chief reared her

is, or at least says she is, a runaway from another nation. Although her honesty is called into question by her ability to pick locks and other skills, they are frequently useful. It is evident from those abilities that she was homeless at one point in her life and overcame it. Her pals refer to her as Sunny.

was once a slave who escaped from his master. Having lost everything he had ever owned, he is well aware of the true meaning of freedom and its cost. Brad is a decent fighter now that he’s had to battle for his owner’s entertainment.

is a young magician with great talent who develops quickly despite her weakness and lack of knowledge of the outside world. Her primary skills are various elemental magic spells. Before the Earl grew in power, she had a quiet existence in Amagal.

is one of the world’s last remaining gunslingers. She is a highly valued mercenary due to the high cost of her fighting technique. She is generally a really cool person, but occasionally drinks a little too much.

has been a slave. As a result, she struggles with independent decision-making and is constantly tempted to follow her master’s instructions.

A little dragon lady is still utterly oblivious to the outside world.



Explore an open-world environment filled with quests!


Varied and Multi-faceted Economic System.


Game mechanics include skill trees, battle dynamics, trading maps, minigames, and more.


The game has more than 50 Free-roaming maps.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Renryuu: Ascension?

Renryuu is an adult fantasy RPG with country management features and an open world to explore.

Who developed the Renryuu: Ascension?

 Renryuu: Ascension was developed by Naughty Netherpunch.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but Naughty Netherpunch will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Renryuu: Ascension

 Renryuu: Ascension was released on 2024-01-18

Where can I report bugs?

 Bugs can be reported on the game’s Discord server. You can also post a comment on the Patreon or itch comment sections.

 How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit Naughty Netherpunch’s Patreon site:

Can I keep the save game from my old version when upgrading to a new one?

Yes, you can copy the save files from the old version into the save folder of the newversion. I made a video about updating using the update files and copying save files here:

 Why is the elf village Ebron hidden from my view on the global map?

The party doesn’t know the location of the elf village at first. If you talk to the elf atthe blacksmith of Aldlyn with Mirel in your party he’ll offer you to show you the way to their village. After talking to him again in the bottom left corner of Aldlyn you’re shown the way to the village and it’ll appear on the worldmap.

Is it no longer possible to deepen my relationship with a character?

All characters have favorite present items. With the right present you can get all girls to a relationship of 70 after which you’ll need love potions to increase it any further. Love potions are very rare at the moment.

In order to collect iron, where can I find the Mithril Pickaxe?

The Mithril Pickaxe is given to the party during the quest no. 46 „Armor breaking“.You’ll need to play the main storyline to obtain this quest.

 How can Sandra’s treasure dungeon be solved?

The code in the first area is 2-5-6-4. You get it by counting the things shown on stone plates hanging higher, not directly above the ground. A hint about the god is given saying „In his opinion only those who were above others had any worth.“, which is supposed to tell you which plates are correct and which to ignore.In the second area, there are stone pillars in line with the torches at the top of the map. The third pillar is broken, indicating that this torch should not be lit, while every other should be. When you have the right combination, there is no sound or message, but theiron gate will be open now.

What is the outcome of the Millwater murder case?

After speaking with everyone downstairs, you can go up and find a strange potion. After finding the potion you have to talk to Winona, Lady Redwood and then Irinlia. The order is important, since their dialog’s affect each other in this order. Afterwards, Ryen can solve the crime by talking to the soldier next to the corpse of Sir Redwood. The right choices are Irinlia – poison – by mistake.

 Where are the Spores for the 2 available? CG paired with Lace?

After Sandra’s scene in the dungeon with the tentacles, you must speak with the guard in the hidden prison to begin the quest. In addition, you must accompany Naevy to the Demoness the first time in order to obtain the Spores later on.

What Lielle and her two require. scene?

You need to reach level 30 to get the quest on the city board. Afterwards you can talk again to her and get into an dungeon with some riddles and a Boss that is hard to defeat. It might be better to wait till the party is on level 40.

How can I use the switches to navigate Lielle’s dungeon?

You need to turn every switch once (to the left), but the switch in the flame riddle room has to be set back (after obtaining the chest). In the top right are 3 switches closeto each other. The lowest of those three also needs to be turned back after the other two are active.

How can I unlock the good path scene of Ariana?

After you wake her up in the spire you can get a new quest on the Aldlyn city boardto help her with a spell. Once that quest is done and Ariana is in your castle you can find Mekboss Mashgul in the dungeon below Crysthaven to continue Ariana’s events.

How to make steel?

Steel can’t be found or bought, you need to craft it with Iron and Coal at an alchemy table. You get the recipe for it at the Spire of Courage in Begus.

How to make the screen bigger?

Use f5 key to make your screen bigger.

Before I buy the game in some weeks, is it possible to play it with a controller?

Yes, you can play it with a controller.

Was wondering if you could get all the princesses or you have to lose some to to get the other?

It is currently not possible to have all Princesses in one save as Dog Princess, Wyvern Princess and Dragon Princess I and II are only available in their routes.

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