RE: RUDY is a visually compelling and immersive tale that will captivate you right away. Follow Rudy’s exciting journey as he learns that, following a tragic catastrophe, his luck takes an unexpected turn. Enter a mysterious realm where decisions will affect the fate of your character. Find out about your family’s past and decide to live a tranquil life or take bold risks. Re: RUDY is an essential program for fans of visual novels, with gorgeous 3D graphics, mature subjects handled with tact, and a dash of comedy.


A young man full of ambition who has a knack for sneaking a glance at unsuspecting girls at his institution. After a few years of being covert in your mischievous behavior, you decide to take on your toughest challenge to date and try breaking into the girl’s locker room. This almost puts a stop to your streak. You almost find yourself at the most unlucky moment of your life, but then you have a huge break of luck that helps you get out of this bad circumstance. Everything that occurs to you from now on appears to work out in your favor… But your life will turn upside down one fatal night when you are involved in an unexpected car accident. You awaken in shock after spending months in the hospital.

You will eventually start learning about your family’s past.

What will you do with your new life? Will you return to your daring past behaviors or choose a quiet life?

HOW TO PLAY (Controls)

Start……..Change lead character/tool
X………… Talk, confirm, examine, dash (hold)
Square…….Use tool
Triangle…..Bring up menu, show description (hold)
D-pad……..Move, scroll


Interactive Storytelling

Take on the role of Rudy, a driven young man with the power to control his own fate, and lose yourself in a gripping narrative.

Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Engage in sneaky adventures and make crucial decisions that will impact Rudy’s life, leading him towards either audacious and daring pursuits or a path of peace and tranquility.

Stunning Visuals

Discover the narrative through breathtaking 3D visuals that vividly bring the settings and people to life, enhancing the immersion and interest of each scene.

Mysterious Family History

As the plot develops, learn more about the family history of your character. You’ll be intrigued by the surprising turns of events and little-known links that are revealed.

Humor and Wit

Enjoy the blend of adult themes and clever humor that adds a refreshing and entertaining twist to the narrative, ensuring a captivating and light-hearted experience.

Decision Making

Every decision you make while playing the game will have a great impact on the game’s overall story and ending.


In the game come in a great variety, each with their unique appearance and personality.


In order to download this game, you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13.95 USD. You will get access to the following files:


  • 3D
  • Adult
  • Ahegao
  • Anal Sex
  • Comedy
  • Erotic
  • Futa/ Trans
  • Graphic-Violence
  • Incest
  • Male protagonist
  • Multiple Protagonists
  • Mind Control
  • NTR
  • Ren’Py
  • Soft Horror
  • Virgin
  • Visual-Novel

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created RE: RUDY?

RE: RUDY was created by Ekko.

Is this game abandoned?

Of course not!

When was the initial release of RE: RUDY?

RE: RUDY was initially launched on February 01, 2022.

Will you add more characters to the game?

As the game is still under development, there’s a big possibility to add more characters to the game.

Where can I report bugs?

Once you encounter bugs, you can immediately report it to the game’s discord server.

What is Re: RUDY?

Re: RUDY is an adult visual novel game that encapsulates the life of Rudy, a young man full of ambition who has a knack for sneaking a glance at unsuspecting girls at his institution.

How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit  Ekko’s Patreon site:

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  1. The story is really good, can’t wait for the v0.6

  2. Finally romance scenes that I want ;-; I need more dose of diabetes in this game <3

  3. Lorenzieo Avatar

    The animations are really good but i didnt like the story and quit playing early