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Greetings from Roleplay Passion, the adult game that fulfills all of your fantasies! Discover many tales and realistic storylines in an educational environment while engaging with NPCs that, because of artificial intelligence, react in a natural way. Uncover the characters’ greatest desires by conquering and seducing them. Savor private moments spent with the NPCs, observing them in their underwear and nude, and engaging in sensual activities like oral sex and sexual interactions. In Roleplay enthusiasm, a game that will stoke your enthusiasm for adult games to new heights, live out your wildest dreams.

Character Classes in Roleplay Passion


A clever, reserved nerd who is good at teasing and seduction but doesn’t give much thought to how he looks.


A well-liked and gorgeous athlete who has amazing charisma, sensuality, and athletic skill.


A group leader who is charming, attractive, athletically gifted, and slightly sensual.


A charming and imaginative artist who is less interested in physical pursuits but possesses charm and intelligence.


A calm, perceptive individual with a hint of charm, minimal attention to appearance, and an air of enigmatic sexiness.

Select your course, then jump into Roleplay Passion to experience every sensual option the game offers!

Available NPCs in Roleplay Passion

Hana Sato:
– Shy and insecure student, but extremely sweet and gentle.
– Attracted to all types of boys, but unsure how to handle it.
– Open to being conquered and exploring new experiences.

Aiko Kimura:
– Popular student and cheerleader leader.
– Attractive and used to dating players from the team, athletic people, and popular individuals.
– Avoids artists and dislikes loser nerds, but can be won over gradually.

Upcoming NPCs in Roleplay Passion

Mrs. Takanashi:
– School teacher, 43 years old, a true MILF with ample bosom. Welcomes you to the game and recently feeling lonely due to husband’s betrayal. Interested in younger students (above 18 years).

– Diligent student with good grades, typically a nerd. Passionate about music, fantasy books, video games, and pop culture. Willing to help with academic difficulties.

– The school’s most beautiful girl and cheerleader captain. Despite her popularity, conceals unhappiness due to humble origins. In need of genuine friendships.

– Exemplary dancer pressured by parents for success. Yearning and easily falls in love to escape expectations. Seeking someone who understands her.

– New student and aspiring Olympic swimmer. Needs support to overcome fears and boost self-esteem. Looking for a strong man to assist her on her journey.

– Sweet and spiritual girl connected to nature with special foot skills. Passionate about animals and full of mysteries to uncover.

– Energetic and clumsy, struggling academically. Requires help with studies and can offer contagious energy in return.

– Cheerful, dreamy, and romantic. Searching for a prince charming, easily swayed by kind gestures.

– Culinary and travel enthusiast, fascinated by different cultures and cuisines. Dreams of traveling the world and experiencing gastronomic delights.

– Sugar baby site participant, enjoys gifts and financial pampering. Open to intimate relationships for financial gain.

Explore new stories and relationships with these fascinating NPCs in Roleplay Passion!


  • 2D
  • Adult
  • ai-generated
  • Erotic
  • Hentai
  • NSFW
  • Roleplay
  • Unity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Roleplay Passion?

Embark on steamy adventures with AI NPCs in, the ultimate NSFW game for erotic storytelling.

Who developed the Roleplay Passion?

Roleplay Passion was developed by roleplaypassion.

When was the initial release of the Roleplay Passion?

Roleplay Passion was released on 04/19/2024.

Where can I report bugs?

You can post a comment on the itch comment sections.

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  1. Silver_Sonic_23 Avatar

    Will there eventually be an option to start the game as a girl?

    I like playing as female characters. Plus, being a lesbian can be fun.

  2. Android version?