The Necromancer’s Pact


With “The Necromancer’s Pact,” a game that comically elevates the cursed life, be ready for an adventure! Imagine that because of your insatiable curiosity, necromancers were able to transform you into… a jar. But not just any jar—a potman, a jar that gathers souls and fulfills pacts, assigned to the most peculiar mission.

There’s a twist to the soul-collecting contract in this game! As you gather more souls, the more… It is liberating to the necromancer. As you prepare to gather souls and witness the unseen in a game where the stakes are as high as the…, be ready to pound those keyboards. aim!

Break the curse

Are you prepared to enter a world where curses exist? Accept your new identity as Potman, carry out the agreement, and solve the’mancers’ puzzles. I’ll see you in the game, where the adventure grows heavier and the wardrobe gets lighter!


Soul Collecting: Learn how to manage souls in harmony and flow. Combine them to expand and increase your level of satisfaction.

Aerial Strikes: Score extra points by hitting targets in midair with perfect timing and accuracy.

Feed the Hunger: To satisfy the necromancer’s ominous appetite and observe…, toss gathered souls to him. unforeseen malfunctions with the wardrobe.


Play one-handed!
Horizontal Movement: AD keys or Arrow keys
Throw: W, Spacebar, or Up Arrow
Adventure Mode: Enter the zone with Up, W, or Spacebar



Enter the battle with 13 characters, each of whom will add a special flare to your soul-collecting adventures!


Select from a variety of new pots that will give your soul-harvesting endeavor more flair and purpose.


Discover three distinct areas: the enigmatic Castle, the tall High Tower, and the Graveyard, where you begin the game. Each area has obstacles and secrets hidden beneath the surface.

Epic Finale

Take in the grand finale in an engrossing final cutscene that will connect all of your daring pursuits!


How to enjoy the unlocked content in a simple method.


  • Adult
  • Erotic
  • Furry
  • NSFW


Hello! As a solo leveling game developer, my name is Adins. I am a one-man army with a keyboard, a coder, and a hammer who is on a mission to conquer the world


Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Necromancer’s Pact?

The Necromancer’s Pact is an action and puzzle game developed by Adins.

Who developed The Necromancer’s Pact?

The Necromancer’s Pact was developed by Adins.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but Adins will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

 When was the initial release of The Necromancer’s Pact?

The Necromancer’s Pact was released on 04/17/2024.

Where can I report bug

You can post a comment on the itch comment sections.

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  1. Zkelledro Avatar

    Wooooo New Update

  2. Zkelledro Avatar

    Cool game, a little frustrating, but that’s fine. I would like it if the balls falling were a bit slower since it feels unfair to miss a large one when it spawned on the opposite side of the map, resulting in your stubby little body missing it, resulting in a lot of negative satisfaction. I won in the end though, so it’s overtakable, it just felt a little unfair at the time.

  3. Z3R0TH3N3UMB3R Avatar

    killing hookers? Treat Yourself!
    Furry Necromancer? Treat Yourself
    Taking balls? Treat Yourself
    snow coloured ape van….. TREAT YOURSELF!