Winds of the Destiny

Winds of the Destiny is a visual novel that draws readers into a complex plot featuring colorful and varied characters that they may interact with, form bonds with, and fall in love with. Because WOTD contains adult erotic and sexual content, it is only appropriate for players who are at least 18 years old.


Few people are able to control their own destiny. While some seek to rebel but are unsuccessful, many people submit to duty. What situation will you be in? Dare to find out. Even if you may claim to be enjoying a typical life, you couldn’t help but feel unique. After Mom died, you traveled back to your homeland from Canada. However, the day you met Ceina, the former Queen of Heaven, everything drastically changed. What does he need your assistance with to stop his counterpart, Satanichia, his sister? You must develop and hone your abilities in a very special and sensual way if you want to do this. As you continue to take care of your remaining small family and work in the elite Women’s Academy. Are you able to complete your destiny.

From protecting the people you care about? Which path will you choose?‚Äč


Use the S key to take a Screenshot.
Press the Tab to quickly advance permanently.
Click ESC to Open the menu.
Click CTRL to Squeeze and hold for a quick advance.
Press Space to advance a dialogue.


Unique Storyline

Set out on an exciting adventure where you will meet your real enemy and learn about your actual destiny.

Character Customization

To make them genuinely yours, give them a personality all their own and alter their look.

Training and Strengthening Powers

Develop and hone your unique skills in a sensual and unique way.

Engaging Gameplay

Take part in a thrilling gaming experience that blends strategy, action, and decision-making.

Beautiful Graphics

Savor breathtaking graphics that animate the game’s world and characters.

Emotional Connections

Form bonds with captivating characters and make decisions that will affect how the story turns out.


  • 3dcg
  • Animated
  • BDSM
  • Big Ass
  • Big Tits
  • Creampie
  • Fantasy
  • Female Domination
  • Harem
  • Incest
  • Lesbian
  • loli
  • Male Domination
  • Male Protagonist
  • Masturbation
  • Mobile Game
  • Monster Girl
  • Oral Sex
  • Sandbox
  • School
  • Setting
  • Superpowers
  • Vaginal Sex
  • Virgin
  • Voyeurism


Hi there! I’m Vermelion, and I made my first project, Winds of the Destiny. If you’ve found your way here, you’re probably a passionate gamer who is thinking about becoming a free member of my Patreon or contributing to my initiatives and aspirations. Please feel free to write me here or on Discord with any questions you may have; I’m always delighted to assist in any way I can.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Winds of the Destiny?

Winds of the Destiny is a visual novel that draws readers into a complex plot featuring colorful and varied characters.

Who developed the Winds of the Destiny?

Winds of the Destiny was developed by Vermelion.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but Vermelion will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Winds of the Destiny?

Winds of the Destiny was released on 2023-09-04.

Where can I report bugs?

Bugs can be reported on the game’s Discord server. You can also post a comment on the Patreon or itch comment sections.

How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit Vermelion’s Patreon site:

Will you add more characters to the game?

Given that the game is still in its early development stage, there is the potential to introduce more characters to enhance and expand the gaming experience. Stay tuned for updates and the possible inclusion of new charactas the development progresses.

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  1. Hgamescollector Avatar

    The game is very awesome but i hope more update will come

  2. Death_Gun66 Avatar

    I LOVE this Game

    The fact that you have put some clannad soundtracks on it made me enjoy the experience better, thanks!

  3. shankstf2 Avatar

    I enjoy playing this game