Aethra’s Spell of Lust


Aethra found a strange book of spells during one of her adventures. 

“Every time I try to open it it just shocks me! But you can open it with no problem!! Maybe try reading one of the spells?” 

The book is written with an odd pattern that resembles a game, and when you touch it, strange symbols start to form.

Aethra begins to act strangely; she squats and tugs down your pants while perspiring profusely. You continue experimenting with the pattern up until… A personal one?

When you hear an explosion, Aethra becomes less obscene. Furthermore, following a few of hers, an odd black box emerged and began suppressing her greatest qualities. 

“But I was so close,” you think, as you keep playing, seeing where it leads you~


Have you played Minesweeper? No? Oh… No worries, actually me neither, so let me quote Zirk when he was teaching me so we could make this game:

– The game will present you with a grid, this grid will get more complicated as the game progresses.

– You can left-click on any tile to reveal what is inside, this could be an empty tile, a number, or a Mine

– A number represents the amount of mine adjacent to itself, including diagonals!

– A mine will put a censor bar on the screen, so you get to see less of the action~

– A blank tile will reveal all the other blank tiles adjacent to it!

– You can right-click to Flag a tile that you know has a mine inside

– You complete the grid once you Flag all the mines that are in the grid

– The more you progress, the lewder the animation will get until you get to the end and see an extra animation that completes the game


  • 2D
  • Adult
  • Ecchi
  • Eroge
  • Hypnosis
  • Lewd
  • Minesweeper
  • NSFW
  • Short
  • Sweat


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aethra’s Spell of Lust?

Aethra’s Spell of Lust is a Puzzle game developed by Fractal.

Who developed the Aethra’s Spell of Lust?

Aethra’s Spell of Lust was developed by Fractal.

When was the initial release of Aethra’s Spell of Lust?

Aethra’s Spell of Lust  was released on 06/02/2024

Where can I report bugs?

Bugs can be reported on the game’s Discord server. You can also post a comment on the itch comment sections.

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