Bunny Garden is a gentlemen’s retreat where players may enjoy an exciting dating simulation game. You can build relationships and share a drink with the cute staff at “Bunny Garden”. Let go of your everyday worries and indulge yourself to the fullest.
The story will be shaped by your decisions. You alone have the last say over the course of your relationships.


Haito Kanda, who was fired from his work after making a grave error, attempts to drown his sorrows in beer at his favorite bar, little knowing that a momentous meeting is about to occur.

A woman approaches the protagonist, who is trying to heal his emotional scars by wearing a dejected countenance, and offers him a drink to lift his spirits.

Trailing her leads him to an enchanted “BUNNY GARDEN” where charming women, as cute as bunnies, catered to the requirements of males.

What kind of transformation will this meeting effect on his life? Experience a surreal moment in the “BUNNY GARDEN”.


Enjoy a conversation with the cast while having a drink!
Bunny Garden is a drinking establishment where you can enjoy drinks and conversations with the cast.
The shop offers a variety of menus including drinks and snacks.
Boost your likability by ordering the cast’s favorite drinks and snacks.
Additionally, as you forge close, trusting relationships, you might find the cast enjoying a few drinks with you.

■Remembering the content of a conversation is a gentleman’s courtesy!
As a gentleman, it’s only natural to remember conversations with the cast, right?!
During your conversations with the cast, you may be asked if you remember what you talked about before, so combine the keywords to answer the question.
If you answer correctly, your likability rating will significantly increase!

■Lots of fun for you!
At Bunny Garden, you can enjoy fun games, courtesy of the cast.
These include hand-push sumo, to the playful T-game, where the cast follows the roulette’s cues with their movements, and a lively photo shooting session where you can strike different poses and build your collection.
There’s plenty of fun to be had beyond just drinks and conversation.


  • 2dcg
  • 3d Game
  • Animated
  • Big Ass
  • Big Tits
  • Cosplay
  • Dating Sim
  • Male Protagonist
  • Management
  • No Sexual Content
  • Romance
  • Simulator
  • Voiced


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bunny Garden?

Bunny Garden  is a dating sim adventure game.

Who developed the Bunny Garden?

Bunny Garden was developed by MediBang Games.

When was the initial release of the Bunny Garden?

Bunny Garden was released on 07/01/2024

Where can I report bugs?

You can post a comment on the itch comment sections.

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