What is the Corruption of Champions II?

Corruption of Champions II is an erotic text-based adventure RPG in which you contend with an invasion of perverse demons into your home realm. Romance friends and enemies such as catgirl clerics and kitsune mages, transform your body, and try to defeat the spreading corruption – or surrender to it!

In the text-based adventure game Corruption of Champions II (or CoC2, for short), you must fight off an invasion of sinister demons into your own realm while falling in love with gorgeous monster girls (as well as furries, orcs, elves, demons, and a host of other adorable characters) and changing into the body of your dreams.


Battling an invasion of perverse demons into your home realm while romancing hot monster girls (as well as furries, orcs, elves, demons, and all sorts of other cuties) and changing your body into the form of your dreams. You can play whatever kind of character you desire in CoC2, a game all about customization. You can be a muscular lupine barbarian or a busty bimbo bandit, a hermaphrodite cowgirl sorceress with a specialty in milk magic, or a burly orc war priest who scares his allies back into the fight.

Whatever you decide to become, you’ll embark on your sinister journey with a diverse cast of friends, ranging from chastity-bound elf dickgirls and dictatorial orc amazons to catgirl clerics and kitsune sorceresses. As you develop your party’s abilities and your own Champion’s skills to use an infinite number of combinations of strengths and weaknesses against your demonic adversaries, you can lead two of these friends at once against a world full of lustful monsters and corrupted magics.

Meet the Characters













From the first moments of the game, with more being found along the journey, the Champion will be tasked with various jobs. The current goals, as well as one’s own musings about the situation, can be read in the journal.


The game features a number of different regions, each of which generally contains its own set of locations, dungeons, enemies, and items. See Regions for more detailed breakdowns of each area in the game.


These locations act as safe zones that the Champion can move to and from freely, containing inhabitants whom the Champion can visit at any time.


Throughout the Champion’s adventures in the world, they will be able to enter specific locations of note, which may contain friends or enemies.


Items that can be physically equipped by a character.


As of January 15, 2024, Corruption of Champions II costs $9.99 on the Steam store. It can only be bought as a stand-alone game right now, although future bundles might include it for less money. To keep track of past price adjustments and other pricing information for Corruption of Champions II, view the price history chart below.


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  • Trap
  • Turn-based combat
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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is a Corruption of Champions II?

Corruption of Champions II is a single-player adventure and RPG game in the Corruption of Champions series.

 Who developed the Corruption of Champions II?

Corruption of Champions II was developed by Savin/Salamander Studios.

When is the next update?

 The timing of the next update is not specified, but Savin will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Special Harem Class?

Corruption of Champions II was released on 2023-12-19.

How do I access the dev console in Corruption of Champions 2?

You can only open the dev console from the browser version of the game, as it uses the built-in Chrome/Firefox developer console.

What Android Version Do I Need To Run CoC2?

The minimum playable is version 6, however the UI will work as intended on versions 9 and newer.

Why My Save is suddenly corrupted?

Please make sure that you are playing on the current or newer version of CoC2 that the save made made on. Loading a save that was made on a newer version to an older version will list the save as corrupted.

Can’t run CoC2 on PC?

CoC2 requires a 64-bit operating system, if you have a 32-bit operating system you’d have to stick with the browser version.

How do I open the downloaded version?

Sometimes when downloading a version of CoC2, it becomes an unknown file type. Simply rename the file with a .zip or .apk (if on mobile) and the problem should be fixed.

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