Death Moon


You awaken in a luxurious, yet dark and creepy mansion with 8 other strangers. Before you can grasp this weird situation, a strange creature calling herself ‘’Nyx’’ appears and announces a horrifying reality: you’re all trapped in a twisted game of deception and murder, a real-life version of the Werewolf/Mafia game.

However, death is not permanent. Every time you die in this game, you open your eyes to find yourself right at the start of the loop forever trapped in an endless game of death and misery.

But fear not, you’re not alone. Unlike the others, a mysterious girl named ‘’ Astrid’’ seems to also retain her memories across the time loops.

Will you two work together to uncover the secrets of this mansion, and break free from this eternal cycle of death and despair …


Will you forever be forced to repeat this sick game until the end of your days?

Only ‘’YOU’’ can decide


Unravel the Mystery

Who is Nyx, the sick architect of this twisted game? Why is she doing this? Why is this happening? but most of all why do you have hollow creepy eyes and barely utter a word?

Social Deduction werewolf mystery game

Each participant has a ‘’ROLE’’ in this game from simple roles like the ‘’Observer’’ and the ‘’ Killer’’ to more complex roles like the ‘’ Guardian Angel’’ and the ‘’ Vigilante’’. Use these roles to your advantage and survive until the end.

Vote on who you believe is the killer

At the end of each night,  every participant ( including you) gets to vote on who they believe is the killer, and the participant with the majority of votes is then killed off. You have complete freedom to vote for whoever you desire and the game adapts to your choice. You even have the ability not to vote on anyone.

Explore multiple routes and endings (including a secret true route) in this non-linear adventure

Your choices actually matter as they send you into different paths and endings. The more endings you unlock the more answers you receive and the clearer the story and mysteries become.

Full-panel NSFW and animated scenes

Enjoy a variety of hand-crafted and animated NSFW/Lewd scenes that offer not only spicy lewdness but also lore and character backstories.

A ‘’Gallery’’ menu option

where you can rewatch lewd scenes at your convenience.

Passionately designed and unique-looking characters with a unique art style

Each character is carefully designed and presented with a unique aesthetic.

Immersive story and atmosphere

that represents the accumulation of more than 9 months of hard work and years of experience in the indie dev scene, inspired by works like the Zero Escape series and Danganronpa


  • Adult
  • Anime
  • Erotic
  • Gore
  • Hentai
  • Horror
  • Multiple Endings
  • NSFW
  • Psychological Horror


Hi, you can call me Hina.

I’m a newbie indie game developer and I like NSFW games a lot!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Death Moon?

Death Moon is an adult visual novel developed by Hina Aozora.

Who developed the Death Moon?

Death Moon was developed by Hina Aozora.

When was the initial release of the Death Moon?

Death Moon was released on 06/04/2024

Where can I report bugs?

You can report bugs on the game’s Discord server or leave a comment on Patreon or itch.

How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit Hina Aozora’s Patreon site:

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  1. Very intriguing, I can’t wait to play more