Fox Girls Never Play Dirty

Fox Girls Never Play Dirty  is a classic-style turn-based RPG game. While traveling in the country of Stivale, Ryunosuke bumps into a fox girl named Serena. Before long, he’s brawling with the police, and he gets wrapped up in a movement to reform the country.


The mid-1900s is the year. Ryunosuke is unsure of what to do with his life after graduating from college, but he is certain that a significant change is necessary. In order to find out what is ahead for him, he chooses to take a long vacation to Stivale, the boot of Europe. When he gets there, he meets Serena, a warrior with fox ears who is battling to eradicate the corruption that has plagued her nation ever since the Great War. They can only unite and find a group of supporters to thwart the chancellor’s crazy policies.


The gameplay is simple. It’s a basic JRPG turn-based combat and stuff. Unlike many eroge games in RPG Maker, we have here quite a sensible character development with a choice of skills, as well as the development of character classes, which are unlocked after completing certain side quests.



All of Serena’s relatives perished in a fire that mysteriously broke out in the royal palace at the end of the previous war. After realizing that someone had maliciously set the palace on fire, Serena escaped with her life. Now she lives on the streets, waiting for an opportunity to avenge her lost family.


As a student, Lisa had doubts about the country’s current ruling power and was campaigning against them. While on the run, Lisa met Serena. Opposed to the royal ruling family, Lisa did not get along well with Serena when they first met.

Lisa’s parents were both merchants who were bedridden when their business was destroyed by a gang, resulting in her deep, raging grudge against the mafia.



A mysterious swordsman from a far eastern country. Upon reaching Stivale, the boot of Europe, he discovers that the people there are far more “open” than he’s used to. Thankfully, he meets some new friends, and joins them to help them on their mission. How far will he go to protect his newfound animal-eared friends?


Classic RPG Experience

Turn-Based Combat

Leveling System

Skill System


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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is a Fox Girls Never Play Dirty?

 Fox Girls Never Play Dirty is a classic-style turn-based RPG. Ryunosuke meets Serena, a fox girl, while on the road. While fighting with the police, he becomes entangled in a national reform movement.

Who developed the Fox Girls Never Play Dirty?

Fox Girls Never Play Dirty was developed by AVANTGARDE and Published by Kagura Games.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but  Kagura Games will keep players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Fox Girls Never Play Dirty?

Fox Girls Never Play Dirty was released on 2020-04-20.

How to unlock a scene with the girl that is not out gf?

If you have a GF, you can no longer interact sexually with the other girl at the inn.

 When I download this its giving me a Trojan:Script/Oneeva.A!ml warning, saying the file is infected. Is this true or is Windows defender being stupid?

Windows defender throws various “Trojan” alerts all the time. That is just a generic false positive. Personally, I would recommend you not use Windows defender. It is shit and throws false positives more then any AV software I’ve seen

 If my memory is right Maya is in jail. How can I get this event? Does it work once only?

Keep playing. You will get Maya, the scene is a one-time only and you speak to Maya at night in Monicabel to get the alcohol.

Can someone tell me how to use lewd Google’s on lisa?

Press left or right on the lewd goggle screen.

Can someone please tell me where Asiago Trail is to get to Belvin’s house? The thief with the silver bullet. How do I get out of this desert town?

It’s back earlier in the game. It’s the path between Brazza and Genovese.

What is MTL?

 It stands for Machine Translated aka. 50% (or more) of the text makes no sense leaving you guessing what’s going on. If you don’t care a lot about the plot and you’re just here to have a rough idea what’s going on in the lewd scenes and how it lead up to it, you will be fine.

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    finally a game worthwhile

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    If she breathes, she’s a thot.

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    Thanks for the game.

  5. Oh, wow, here comes my nightmare, to have someone translates a huge game I’m translating

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    Art is great, don’t care about the story the mtl is enough to know where to go.