Tears Of Benaco VN


A fresh experience at an exclusive Italian institution situated in the Lombardia region’s Borgo Benaco, a stunning town along the shores of Lake Di Garda.

A murder, six guys with complicated pasts, a tranquil setting transformed into a hunting area, and the passing of time all build up to the reveal of the winner who will survive and who will perish.

Someone came, someone passed away, someone fled, someone stayed, someone watched… and there is still someone

Content warning

Tears Of Benaco is a visual novel dating-sim game with horror and thriller elements, it also treats a multitude of adult themes that may not be suitable for everyone; therefore, player discretion is advised.

The game will also contain consensual NSFW homosexual scenes between mature characters. This game is meant to be played by people 18+ years of age or older.

HOW TO PLAY (Keyboard)

Use Enter to advance dialogue and activate the interface.
Press Space to advance the dialogue without selecting choices
Hit the Arrow keys to navigate the interface.
Press Escape to access the game menu.
Use CTRL to skip the dialogue while held down.
Select Tab to toggle dialogue skipping.
Press the Page up to roll back to the earlier dialogue.
Press the Down page to later dialogue
Press H to hide the user interface.
Use S to take a screenshot.
Use V to toggle assistive self-voicing.
Press Shift+A to open the accessibility menu.


Left click– Advances dialogue and activates the interface.
Middle click– Hides the user interface.
Right-click– Accesses the game menu.
Mouse Wheel up click rollback side– Rolls back to earlier dialogue.
Mouse Wheel down– Rolls Forward to later dialogue.


Dating-sim game

Take in a distinctive fusion of narrative and gameplay as you make your way through Tears of Benaco VN’s many twists and turns.

Horror and Thriller Elements

As you solve a murder case in the sleepy town of Borgo Benaco, get ready to be suspenseful.

Adult themes and NSFW Content

Explore sophisticated and nuanced subjects in a compelling story with consensual homosexual moments between grown-up individuals.


  • Adult
  • Dating Sim
  • Furry
  • Gay
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • NSFW
  • Thriller


Hello everyone! I’m _Coby_ and I’m developing a visual novel/dating sim game called “Tears Of Benaco”. A new experience in an expensive Italian university located in Borgo Benaco: a beautiful picturesque town by the shores of Lago di Garda, in the Lombardia region. Six guys with twisted pasts, a murder, a peaceful place turned into a hunting ground, all while time ticks away waiting to reveal who the winner will be: who will die and who will live. Somebody arrived, somebody died, somebody ran away, somebody stayed, somebody watched… and that somebody is still WATCHING. Will the truth ever come to light…?


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Tears Of Benaco VN?

Tears Of Benaco VN is an investigative horror dating sim visual novel game.

Who developed the Tears Of Benaco VN?

Tears Of Benaco VN was developed by Cobysaurus.

When is the next update?

The timing of the next update is not specified, but Cobysauruswill keeps players informed about it through its social media accounts.

When was the initial release of the Tears Of Benaco VN?

Tears Of Benaco VN was released on Aug 30, 2022

Where can I report bugs?

Bugs can be reported through the game’s Discord server, as well as in the comment sections on Patreon and Itch.

How can I become a patron?

Becoming a patron is easy. You can become a patron by clicking on this link to visit Cobysaurus Patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/tearsofbenacovn

Will you add more characters to the game?

As the game is still in its development phase, there’s room to add more characters to make the gaming experience more diverse and exciting. Watch for updates and the potential inclusion of new characters as development moves forward.

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